Diet Doc Jump Start Diet Patients Report Continued Motivation and Loss of 15 or More Pounds Per Month

LOS ANGELES, March 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Most dieters begin their weight loss journey with excitement, motivation and commitment. Many, however, fail. They tire of boring diet menus, weight loss is slow and they suffer hunger, cravings and fatigue. Because Diet Doc understands the challenges of changing ones' diet and eliminating carbohydrates and unhealthy processed foods, they were able to develop their Jump Start diet plans. Now, their patients can diet without feeling deprived of their favorite carbs or guilty if they cheat. Jump Start frees dieters of strict no-carb diet plans and allows their patients to enjoy some carbs, such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, buckwheat and rice, along with any unprocessed animal protein, MCT and olive oil.

New patients who are interested in losing weight safely and quickly without irresistible hunger, powerful cravings or loss of energy can easily and effortlessly, via telephone or internet, complete a health questionnaire and consult with one of Diet Doc's fast weight loss doctors. During the consultation, the entire system is reviewed and assessed to identify and address cellular toxicity, hormonal imbalances, improperly functioning organs and underlying stressors that may be causing weight gain or preventing fast weight loss. By uncovering the real reason for weight control issues, the fast weight loss team is better able to implement the Jump Start diet plan that will work best to safely and quickly melt fat from the problem areas – the belly, hips, thighs, underarms and buttocks.

The Jump Start Diet Plan not only delivers fast weight loss without side effects, but because it has been developed by combining scientific research with the most modern medical understanding, it has the power to address solutions for those who turn to food as a means of comfort. The Jump Start diet plan restores dopamine levels in the brain, leaving patients feeling a sense of emotional strength and wellbeing. Along with reporting the very quick and noticeable loss of excess fat that has accumulated in the hard to reach areas of the body, patients also report improved sleep patterns, decreased anxiety and stress, improved emotional tolerance and a calmer, more balanced mood.

Diet Doc's physicians are not primary care physicians. Each doctor specializes in nutrition and fast weight loss. Their team includes nurses and nutritionists who understand how and why the body responds to unhealthy, processed foods. They know how to tailor diet plans that are specific to each patient's personal needs for the safest and most effective weight loss available. The fast weight loss team follows each patient's progress, attitude and comfort level and are available on an unlimited basis throughout the journey. This personal attention and support cannot be duplicated by the competition and has resulted in Diet Doc becoming a nationally recognized, respected, trusted and reliable leader in the medical weight loss industry and more and more people turning to the company for their weight management needs.

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