Integrated winter road maintenance data helps fleet managers analyze performance metrics, improve operations

MINNEAPOLIS, March 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The telematics-based Winter Road Maintenance Control and Reporting System developed by Certified Cirus Control Systems is the first system to integrate data from snowplow truck electronic spreader control systems and RWIS (road weather information system) stations and offer a suite of performance reports specifically designed to inform snow and ice removal fleet managers about the performance and effectiveness of their operations.

"The integration of data, and the ability to analyze this data through our reports, leads to the ultimate performance metric, which is a clear understanding of the relationship of weather, road treatment decisions made by managers and the resulting change in road surface conditions," said Paul Mortell, president of Certified Cirus Control Systems. "Fleet managers now have a clear linkage between road treatment decisions and effectiveness of road clearing results."

The three main components of the winter reporting system are the SpreadSmart Rx™ electronic spreader control system, Drive by Download DCE (Data Center Edition)™ wireless data transfer system and the award-winning GPS DataSmart™ performance analysis tool. "Working together, the software tools provide instantly available performance data and reports for fleet managers to control salt costs, labor costs and truly understand winter road clearing costs," said Mortell.

The SpreadSmart Rx spreader control system provides automated and calibrated spreading of salt and other deicing materials applied to road surfaces and accurately collects and records data — every six seconds — on the amount and type of granular or liquid material applied by a truck. The Drive by Download DCE wireless data transfer system downloads the data stored in the SpreadSmart Rx system to a facility's server each time a snowplow truck — or fleet of trucks — is within "line-of-sight" distance to a base station.

Fleet managers can analyze individual truck or fleet data stored in their facility's server 24/7 using the suite of reports available in the GPS DataSmart performance analysis tool. Each time a manager selects a report, the GPS DataSmart system instantly populates the report using the most current data stored in the server's database. "Our software tools offer high-volume, fine-granularity data collection every six seconds and full database management tools to analyze all the winter road treatment performance points of an entire fleet of trucks," said Mortell.

The winter reporting system is currently fielded on 605 snowplow trucks running at 147 sites in the U.S. and Canada. Certified Cirus Control Systems projects the number of trucks upfitted with the system will grow by 47 percent in the next 12 months.

To learn more about the winter reporting system, download the slideshow.

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