Kaybus Expands Security Architecture for Enterprise Companies

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kaybus, the leader in secure, cloud-based Knowledge Automation software for enterprises looking to transform their digital content management, announced significant enhancements to their product offering. Kaybus now provides, as the standard offering to all clients, security controls and audits for content ingestion, internal and external collaboration and sharing with customers or prospects.

Today's IT and CIO teams are continually concerned with distributed content across their organizations. With content generation internally occurring at a pace that far exceeds an IT's ability to organize, control and monitor, IT teams need to allow knowledge sharing and content collaboration while adhering to corporate risk management policies. Kaybus, in working with IT leaders, have provided enhancements to the Kaybus Knowledge Automation software giving IT managers the ability to accelerate the pace of collaboration and sales enablement without jeopardizing security.

  • Multi-Layer Governance - Provides exceptional group and system policy controls for content distribution allowing 100% collaboration between internal groups while maintaining existing asset restrictions.
  • Personal Drive Connector - Enables CIO or CMO managers’ 100% visibility into corporate assets that have been saved to employee’s computers.
  • External Share Tracking - Content shared with external parties is tracked allowing organizations to comply with DRM and compliance rules.
  • Link Back Security – Providing content to external customers/prospects via embedded tracked links to files on the Kaybus system rather than sending sensitive or confidential information outside the firewall so content is always up-to-date and if necessary, deny access when content is archived.
  • Content Deletion Synchronization – Kaybus ensures that any content deleted on the native content management system is automatically deleted in Kaybus along with all subjective metadata.
  • Plynt Certification – The Plynt penetration test analyzes all known threats and risks and was undertaken to help provide confidence to the CTO/CIO office.

"Our system upgrades enable content from across the enterprise, either through Kaybus directly or via the Kaybus Salesforce integration, to be automatically promoted to employees without searching," said Seenu Banda, Kaybus founder and CEO "Working with the CTO/CIO office in conjunction with the CMO and VP of Sales, we want to promote corporate sales and service enablement while adhering to the rigors of content security and policies."

About Kaybus
Kaybus provides the industry leading Knowledge Automation application, enabling companies to use 100% of their content available in their employee’s daily tasks by providing personal content recommendations right to the desktop without searching. By securely leveraging existing content repositories, employees are empowered to connect globally and work with the content that is automatically promoted to each employee in a highly relevant manner rather than wasting time searching.

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