Office Envy: Inside 72andSunny's Los Angeles headquarters

A tour of 72andSunny's Los Angeles office includes everything from video games to hammocks, but it's not all fun and games.

The advertising company, which has additional offices in Amsterdam and New York, believes an open-office and relaxed office environment is the key to creativity.

The company has more than 500 employees in its Southern California office and rather than separating its employees by department, the staff sits based on the client they work on, which includes companies like Google, Activision, Adidas, Coors Light and Carl's Jr.

72 and Sunny’s headquarters in Los Angeles
Source: 72 and Sunny
72 and Sunny’s headquarters in Los Angeles

The two main buildings are connected by a nice outdoor patio, called "The Deck."

"In true LA fashion we congregate outside all year round," Bryan Rowles, 72andSunny's Partner and Executive Creative Director

"It's a great place for just hanging out, sleeping or laying in a hammock over there or just hanging out and having a beer or two with people who work here," he said.

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