Girl Two Doors Down Re-launches Site for Wedding Flip Flops, Black Flip Flops

FERNDALE, WASH., March 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Girl Two Doors Down (GTDD), designers of sexy wedding flip flops and black flip flops, announced the re-launch of their new website using the Shopify e-commerce platform.

Girl Two Doors Down is a favorite of many Hollywood celebrities who have been photographed wearing GTDD flat flip flops and platform flip flops.

The company's flip flops have elegant crystal "bling" adornments and sassy sayings on the shoe sole such as "I believe in a total body workout. Currently, my finger benches 3 carats."

Girl Two Doors Down customers love the beautiful designs featuring sparkly solitaire crystals such as round, teardrop or emerald "diamonds", and fancy charms such as butterflies, flowers or martini glasses on their flip flops.

With a soft suede-like material and slight arch, the flat flip flops and platform flip flops are not only beautiful, but comfortable too.

"With the first day of Spring behind us, it means that flip flop season is just about to begin," says Elena Verlee, CEO of Girl Two Doors Down. "Whether it's a neighborhood barbecue, a patio night out with girlfriends or lounging on a yacht, flip flops are going to be a staple in every woman's wardrobe in the months ahead."

Girl Two Doors has been in business over a decade and in its history has been sold through more than 700 retail stores, five-star hotels and specialty spas. The company launched its official online store so that women all over the US can buy their favorite designer flip flops no matter where they are based.

The company's most popular dressy flip flops and bridal flip flops, as well as web-only limited editions are available at the official webstore of Girl Two Doors Down ( )

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CONTACT: Elena Verlee CEO GTDD Online, Inc. 1-866-466-2949Source:GTDD Online Inc.