Venture-funded metal fabrication innovator, Industrial Origami, to monetize its extensive patent and technology portfolio

CLEVELAND and RALEIGH, N.C., March 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Industrial Origami Inc. has retained Adapt IP Ventures to monetize its expansive portfolio of “foldable” metal fabrication technologies. With 65 patents assets across 13 jurisdictions, Industrial Origami’s underlying technology promotes the ability to fold lighter gauge material into complex, innovative, high load-bearing structures at the point of assembly.

Industrial Origami’s IP portfolio (which spans the jurisdictions of the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, EPO, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Italy, Brazil, and Mexico), along with Industrial Origami’s proprietary software and soft tooling systems, currently remain available for license or for sale.

Since their founding in the early 2000s, Industrial Origami’s patented technology and processes have typically saved their customers anywhere from 20% to 70% on costs when compared to traditional sheet metal manufacturing, specifically across cost of goods, production time, and sustainability measures, because:

  • Their process allows for the use of thinner-gauge metals.
  • Their process requires less welding and fewer fasteners.
  • Production can be rapidly scaled, from prototype to high volume production, which reduces significant new product tooling costs.
  • Delivery costs are reduced because stamped metal can be shipped and stored flat before being folded by the end user.
  • Their technologies are more “recyclable” - these metal structures offer an opportunity for an acceptable return on investment and a lower overall cost than single-use packaging products.

Historically, Industrial Origami’s patented technology has been deployed across a diverse set of applications ranging from automotive, solar racking, packing, electrical enclosures, HVAC, and appliances. In the automotive field, Industrial Origami’s technology was used to develop a Mazda funded “concept car” for a fraction of typical prototyping costs. In a solar application, Industrial Origami further developed a low cost, innovative fixed tilt PV Ground Mount System specifically designed to minimize PV racking material costs and installation labor (60% faster than normal labor) for large commercial and utility scale installations. For a large appliance manufacturer, Industrial Origami’s technology afforded material cost savings generally between 25%-45% across a whole series of home appliances.

Adapt IP Ventures anticipates marketing the Industrial Origami patent portfolio offering through the summer of 2016. Accordingly, all interested parties looking to gather more information about this offering, either for license, sale, or other business development purposes, should contact Brian Bochicco at or Grant Moss at

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