Dr. Jarred Simon Offers Community Assistance On Choosing the Right Atlanta Chiropractor

ATLANTA, March 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atlanta Chiropractor Dr. Jared Simon of Century Center Chiropractic offers tips to local residents on choosing the best chiropractor that can assist in alleviating pain and other conditions. A well-known chiropractor in the area, educating the community on the benefits of going to see a chiropractor has always been a high priority.

“Most people don’t understand their pain. A chiropractor isn’t just for the spine, but can assist in alleviating pain all over the body. People have headaches and other ailments that are all a part of nerve or tissue damage that can be rectified with our services. It’s important to know what to look for, and distinguish between the different types of chiropractors in order to find the one that will successfully be able to treat the condition,” says Dr. Simon, chiropractor and founder of Century Center Chiropractic.

Dr. Simon recommends potential patients go through a series of steps in choosing the right chiropractor. These include interviewing the chiropractor to learn more about the chiropractor, their practice, facility, and the techniques they use. Doing some background research on the chiropractor will provide additional information, such as how they deal with patients, whether or not they have a disciplinary record, and how their process works. Finding out how long treatment plans are, the types of payment, and how they assess patients to come up with a viable treatment plan is also very important. If the chiropractor only has one form of treatment or uses one method, that is a red flag.

Dr. Simon also describes what should take place. “A good Atlanta chiropractor will attempt to alleviate a patient’s pain as soon as possible, while providing tips and advice on avoiding future problems. They should recommend diet changes, lifestyle changes and other remedies to assist the patient in their healing process that will continue after treatments are done.”

When assessing whether or not a chiropractor is right, the patient must be comfortable with their surroundings and the chiropractor. Because of the one-on-one interaction, if a patient does not feel at ease, they should look elsewhere.

About Century Center Chiropractic

Century Center Chiropractic has been providing outstanding chiropractic service to residents of Atlanta since 1992. The clinic utilizes a “whole person” approach, which focuses on the underlying causes of the pain and recommending treatment plans that will not only alleviate the symptoms, but implement adjustments that will improve lifestyle and mobility.

Century Center Chiropractor is a well-known clinic in the Atlanta area offering services to accommodate injuries associated with auto accidents, sports, work-related accidents, and head and & neck trauma. The facility also offers a pain management clinic and prenatal care. For more information on services offered from an Atlanta chiropractor, contact the staff at Century City Chiropractor at 404-634-1669, or on the web at www.centurycitychiro.com.

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