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Donald Trump's biggest business blunders

Donald Trump

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A scorecard on Trump's failures

For Donald Trump, "surviving at the top" hasn't always been easy. Not all of his business ventures have been big hits like Trump Tower or "Celebrity Apprentice."

We recently took a look at many of Trump's successes, and now we turn our attention to some of his faux pas. Since Trump has made success a key part of his campaign for president and it's inherent in his lucrative brand, Trump's failures in the business world are fair game.

There was the Monopoly-style board game Trump: The Game; Trump Super Premium Vodka; and Trump magazine, none of which became big consumer hits. There was also luxury-travel booking site gotrump.com, which folded just after a year, in 2007. Today the site directs visitors to his campaign.

Below are some more, notorious examples where The Donald was not quite able to "make it happen."

By Tim Mullaney, special to CNBC
Posted 29 March 2016

Carlo Barria | Reuters