“Market Madness” Sweet 16: Eastern Division

As March Madness marches on, the "Halftime Report" is conducting its own "Market Madness" stock tournament.

On Tuesday the experts on the desk deliberated within the Eastern division in our "Sweet 16"; containing Goldman Sachs, Visa, Honeywell and JP Morgan.

In a fierce financial match-up between Visa and Goldman Sachs, our experts all agreed to give "credit" where credit is due.

"Visa is one of the best run companies in the United States," Pete Najarian said.

Pete Najarian, of Najarian Family Advisors, connected a "better-than-most" U.S. economy with potential future returns for Visa – given the company's geographic exposure.

Sarat Sethi, Managing Partner at Douglas C. Lane, also looked to positive trends in the U.S. as a catalyst for increased profit at Visa. "They're a good proxy to the consumer, which now has more money to spend and can help raise Visa's bottom line," Sethi said.

When JP Morgan and Honeywell took to the court – our experts advanced the New York-based big bank into the next round; trumping Honeywell 2-to-1.

"JP Morgan is one of the best, well-run, globally diverse banks that will do well even if interest rates don't rise as much as people are expecting," Sethi said. "Not to mention they have an excellent balance sheet, dividend, and strong management."

When asked to explain his stance on the company, Pete Najarian issued a straightforward response.

"Two words: Jamie Dimon."

Joe Terranova was the only one to take the opposite side of this match-up, choosing the industrial conglomerate Honeywell.

These are the official standings as we near the end of our "Sweet 16" round.

We'll be heading into our "Elite 8" after we trade the Midwest division contenders: Procter & Gamble, Boeing, Berkshire Hathaway and Walgreens.

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