Cytta and Doctor Direct to Integrate with the Oracle Cloud/IoT Platform

San Francisco, CA, March 30, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- --Cytta Corp. (OTCPINK:CYCA), and its Healthcare partner, Doctor Direct Inc., have entered into an Agreement, with Oracle America, Inc. (“Oracle”) dated February 4th, 2016. The parties are integrating Cytta’s VeriSmartPhoneTM technology with the Oracle Cloud/IoT platform for immediate utilization by Doctor Direct Inc. in the Healthcare remote medical monitoring marketplace. Cytta, and Doctor Direct Inc., will be utilizing Oracle Cloud/IoT functionality for all the data derived worldwide from the use of their proprietary VeriSmartPhoneTM technology for remote medical monitoring.

The agreement to partner with Oracle, gives Cytta and Doctor Direct a unified environment providing flexible cloud infrastructure, a powerful standards-based platform, and a comprehensive portfolio of business applications all of which are additive to Cytta’s VeriSmartPhoneTM remote monitoring model. This Agreement also eliminates the need for Cytta to spend time and capital developing these services ourselves.

Cytta Corp. has created specially programmed VeriSmartPhones TM designed to empower the Internet of Things (IoT) in any market segment. Cytta created the VeriSmartPhoneTM data acquisition model over the previous six years of research and development and successfully demonstrated the technology with numerous field demonstrations and live medical patient remote monitoring trials.

Cytta will also be utilizing Oracle software in version 2.0 of the VeriSmartPhone’s TM proprietary android O/S software currently being designed. Oracle will now be supplying their Database platform including analytics, security and big data to the VeriSmartPhoneTM model.

The Cytta VeriSmartPhone TM based Doctor Direct remote medical monitoring technology consists of an ‘intelligent’ VeriSmartPhone TM android rooted control interface, which automatically receives and sends all Bluetooth remote medical monitoring data to the Oracle Cloud. And once analyzed at the Oracle Cloud, the data is sent on to the designated Doctor, nurse, caregiver recipients, creating two-way real time medical data, video and voice communication

Once the VeriSmartPhone TM receives the data from the medical peripherals, it reviews the data and decides to instigate communication via voice, video, SMS or email in real-time to the Oracle Cloud, and directly to the caregiver and back. Everything is accomplished without touching the VeriSmartPhoneTM. This provides patients with a low cost, 24/7, intelligent instantaneous automatic monitoring at any location at any time.

The acquisition of the Healthcare vertical remote medical monitoring market by Doctor Direct Inc., and their ongoing rollout of the Cytta technology has also formalized Cytta’s vertical market licensing model. Cytta’s licensing model requires an initial fee for the license, a dilutable equity interest and a Royalty in perpetuity. Cytta will supply and upgrade all the technology for their vertical market partners and supply corporate management and sales and marketing expertise as required. The Oracle Cloud/IoT Platform will also be available to any of Cytta’s partners in other vertical markets currently being negotiated.

The Oracle Cloud is used by approximately 70 million people and processes more than 34 billion transactions each day. It runs on more than 50,000 devices, and stores more than 800 petabytes of data in 19 data centers around the world.

About Cytta Corp.(

Cytta Corp. is an IoT remote monitoring connectivity system and is known for its Cytta Connect open source WiFi, cellular and satellite VeriSmartPhone™ platform, a highly scalable and secure IoT two-way real time monitoring solution. The Cytta VeriSmartPhone™ technology consists of an ‘intelligent’ rooted android smartphone reprogrammed at the operating system level as an IoT control interface. This reprogrammed very smart device automatically connects all Bluetooth remote medical monitoring devices to the Oracle Cloud/IoT Platform, and from there to the designated recipients, creating two-way real time data, video and voice communication. The Cytta Connect technology automatically connects all remote monitoring devices to Oracle’s Cloud/IoT platform creating real time communication for all IoT market segments

About Doctor Direct Inc.(

The Doctor Direct medical remote monitoring technology is complete, live patient tested and has been field deployed. The Doctor Direct system is completely open source – Automatically connects any Bluetooth health or wellness devices (i.e. Blood Pressure, Blood glucose, Pulse oxygen, digital scale, etc.) to the VeriSmartPhoneTM to the Oracle IoT/Cloud and on to the caregivers anywhere, and anytime. Data is automatically received by VeriSmartPhoneTM, interpreted, assessed and recipients determined. VeriSmartPhoneTM transmits data in real time to the Dr., Nurse, Caregiver and/or family member along with determination of action level or importance. Dr., Nurse, caregiver, or family member responds to patient via voice, video, SMS or email in real-time through a VeriSmartPhoneTM in the patient’s home. The Doctor Direct remote patient monitoring system, combined with the new billing/CPT codes for the service, has created the opportunity for real-time patient monitoring and a significant revenue stream to the Physician for providing better quality care.

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