FRONTLINE Selling Releases Staccato PRO

Alpharetta, GA, March 30, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FRONTLINE Selling has announced the release of Staccato PROTM, the next version of the ground-breaking B2B sales software and proven methodology that helps companies shorten the cold-call process, creating more sales opportunities and accelerating sales and revenue. FRONTLINE Selling customers have reported as much as 200 to 400% increases in sales opportunities when using this software and the new, enhanced version has features created to further the ROI even more.

“We listened closely to the needs of our customers to create a product that provides the features to take their sales efforts to new heights,” commented Mike Scher, Co-Founder and CEO of FRONTLINE Selling. Mr. Sher developed Staccato as a way to duplicate his own sales process, which led him to an 18-year run on the President’s Club, and validated it through the analysis of nearly 2 million outreach efforts. “Companies waste too much time in the prospect phase of the sale. The added functionalities of Staccato PROTM will bring in new customers, as well as help our existing clients be even more efficient, better trained and more successful at increasing the number of opportunities to speak with key decision-makers.”

Staccato PROTM features an intuitive UI and flexible pursuit models and scripts that provide high-level customization options. One of the most valuable features of Staccato PROTM is the inclusion of FRONTLINE’s Gold Certification. This 90-day program includes an advanced, in-depth training on the Staccato methodology and software, objection handling, role playing and unlimited access to their unique Call Simulator, the cornerstone of their commitment to on-going training and reinforcement. The Certification also includes a component created solely to help sales managers fully understand key performance metrics, quickly identify problem areas in sales rep performance and ultimately Coach for Success.

FRONTLINE is also releasing a product add-on, Staccato Accelerator, which includes an integrated auto-dialer to improve sales efficiencies and an email analytics tool to gain unprecedented visibility into prospect email engagement.

“Staccato PROTM is the sales acceleration solution companies are desperately searching for to tap into unknown demand and hit their aggressive revenue goals,” added Ken Paskins, President and CRO of FRONTLINE. “We are confident this new product will have a dramatic impact on FRONTLINE’s growth as well, allowing us to expand our global reach and bring this powerful SaaS solution to companies around the world.”

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