GeneCure Biotechnologies published clinical results of a novel first-in-human therapeutic HIV vaccine trial

Peachtree Corners, GA USA, March 30, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GeneCure Biotechnologies (, a clinical stage biotechnology company developing novel human vaccines based on its patented lentiviral delivery platform technology, announced today that the clinical results of A Randomized, Double blinded, Placebo Controlled Trial of a Therapeutic HIV Vaccine was published in the March issue of an international journal, Vaccine.

“Although current antiretroviral therapies (ART) are effective in controlling viral load in HIV infected patients, the virus typically re-emerges soon after secession of ART. Drug resistance, toxicity, and high cost are problems for long-term ART treatment in HIV patients” ----Dr. Tung said, CEO of GeneCure Biotechnologies.

This first-in-human therapeutic HIV vaccine (HIVAX) clinical trial investigates the potential of controlling viral load in HIV-infected patients without ART. HIVAX is a novel vaccine technology. Unlike other viral vector based vaccines (adeno, vaccinia, adeno-associated viruses, and cytomegalo viruses), no other foreign protein derived from vector systems is co-expressed in vaccine recipients, thus reducing the risk of vector-induced immune responses. Repeated vaccinations to enhance anti-HIV immune responses are therefore possible.

HIVAX was well tolerated without severe adverse effects and was highly immunogenic in all HIVAX vaccinated HIV patients. Robust CD4 and CD8 T cell responses, which play a critical role for recognition and killing of HIV infected cells, were stimulated in all HIVAX vaccinated patients. Following the vaccination, patients who received HIVAX suspended ART for 12 weeks in order to assess their ability to control virus re-emergence. Median viral load at the end of the 12-week ART interruption was significantly lower (6.7 folds and 25 folds) than two control cohorts (unvaccinated) described in previously published studies. Furthermore, three HIVAX vaccinated patients extended ART interruption for up to 2 years and still maintain stable CD4+ T cell counts and low viral loads.

“HIVAX shows great potential as a therapeutic HIV vaccine to reduce the dependency and problems associated with ART”---said Dr. Tung. Based on this promising data, GeneCure Biotechnologies is currently recruiting more HIV patients for further clinical trials.


About GeneCure Biotechnologies

GeneCure Biotechnologies is a private biotechnology company developing novel human vaccines based on its patented lentiviral delivery platform. The mission of the company is to develop safe, potent, and simple to use human vaccines to manage chronic viral infections and cancers. GeneCure’s lead product is a therapeutic HIV vaccine that is currently being tested as a first-in-human, proof-of-concept therapy for HIV infected patients. Other products in the pipeline include therapeutic Hepatitis C and B vaccines for chronic infected patients. GeneCure possesses in-house GMP manufacture capabilities for the production of clinical grade materials.

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