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Look out below! The dollar is Trader

Look out below! The dollar is Trader
Look out below! The dollar is Trader

What goes up must come down and that's exactly what one technician said is about to happen with the .

On CNBC's "Trading Nation" Wednesday, founder Todd Gordon said that recent comments from the Federal Reserve could send the greenback plummeting to levels not seen since November 2014.

"The Fed has become more dovish than expected and we're seeing the dollar sell-off," said Gordon. "I think the downtrend will sustain for a long period of time." The currency hit a five-month low Wednesday, one day after a news conference where Fed Chair Janet Yellen outlined the path of gradual interest rate hikes.

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The selling pressure comes after a torrid run for the index, which rallied nearly 30 percent from May 2014 to March 2015. "We can see the dollar was in a beautiful uptrend from 2014 through the beginning of 2015, but since March we've gone sideways," said the CNBC contributor. For the last 12 months the dollar index has traded in a tight range, eking out a less than 1 percent gain. It's also tracking for its biggest quarterly fall in five years.

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Looking at the UUP, the ETF that tracks the dollar index, Gordon noted that in order to find support on the chart one must look back to a double top that formed in 2012 and 2013. "That brings us down to about the $23 region on the ETF," he said. "That was resistance in 2012, 2013 and until we broke out in 2014, but now it will serve as both support and a target."

To play for a leg lower in the UUP, Gordon bought a put spread. Specifically, he purchased the September 24/23 put spread for 24 cents. This is a bearish strategy that targets the $23 support level Gordon noted, which represents a 6 percent move from around $24.50, where the UUP closed on Wednesday.