Donald Trump has a new catchphrase

First there was, "You're fired." Then, there was "Make America Great Again." Now, Republican front-runner Donald Trump might be on to another signature catchphrase:

"Get 'em out."

It's the phrasing he has repeatedly fired back when interrupted by protesters on the campaign trail, including in Nevada, Iowa and North Carolina.

And while protesters may have caused Trump's campaign to cancel a previously scheduled rally in Chicago weeks ago, Trump has hinted there are still benefits to the interruptions.

"I love protesters because the only way the cameras turn and show how big the audience is, is when there's a protester," Trump told supporters at a rally in Las Vegas.

Trump is leading the race for the Republican nomination with 749 delegates to Sen. Ted Cruz's 468, according to NBC News' count, but Cruz has closed the gap in the polls heading into Tuesday's Wisconsin primary.