ClubM Rocks California with Statewide Delivery of Premium Medical Cannabis

SAN DIEGO, March 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In 1996, California became the first state to establish a medical marijuana program, setting off a tectonic shift in the legal and cultural landscape surrounding cannabis.

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Twenty years later, San Diego-based ClubM is sending another shockwave through California cannabis culture, with an invitation-only online membership that provides cannabis and related products and events in a way that is safe, secure and confidential.

ClubM curates a themed monthly shipment of premium cannabis concentrates, vapes, edibles and flowers, and related merchandise, and delivers it to the door of ClubM members (who must have a valid California medical cannabis ID card) anywhere in the state. This subscription service is called the MBox, and when members find products in the MBox that they like, they can order more of that product online from ClubM.

“We’ve officially launched over the last few weeks, and the response has been tremendous,” said ClubM CEO Chris Husong. “There’s clearly a pent-up demand to experience the wide array of premium-quality cannabis products that California has to offer. Our members are telling us they’ve never seen anything like the MBox, and they really love it.”

A major shift in the cannabis shopping experience

Any Californian with a medical cannabis ID card can join ClubM, and then opt for monthly delivery of the MBox. ClubM also hosts special events, and is providing support to local artists and arts programs across the state.

“We wanted to create something special — perfect moments for our members,” said Husong. “And we have succeeded spectacularly. In the two decades since Prop. 215, the market for cannabis in California has evolved. We are just meeting market demand in a new, innovative way.”

For cannabis consumers, ClubM alters the shopping experience in a fundamental way.

“By delivering an assortment of the best available products, we allow our members to have the complete sensory experience of cannabis — they can see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, try it — privately, in the comfort of their own homes,” said Husong. “Our members are telling us that’s a game-changer.”

ClubM also has a social mission beyond helping people gain easy and secure access to the very best cannabis.

“ClubM supports artists who help break down barriers between people,” said Husong. “We partner with artists to get them the tools and funds they need to grow, so they can continue to create and inspire us all.”

The company plans to eventually expand beyond California, as state-by-state regulations allow.

“Our success here in California has validated the ClubM concept,” said Husong. “We have a disruptive model, and we look forward to expanding into other markets as we grow.”

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About ClubM

ClubM is a California provider of premium cannabis products. The company’s MBox is a monthly subscription that delivers curated assortments of cannabis vapes, concentrates, flowers and edibles, and related merchandise.


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