QuiqMeds™ Announces Appointment to Board

MALVERN, Pa., March 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuiqMeds, a leading provider of point-of-care pharmacy technologies and solutions, has announced the appointment of Laurent Grindler to its board of directors. Mr. Grindler is an accomplished business executive with more than twenty years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, and has expertise in supply chain management and new product commercialization. His appointment was effective February 4, 2016.

Grindler brings a decade of experience in distribution industries to QuiqMeds. His background includes achievements in product commercialization, operational management and finance, as well as successes in growing both retail and geo-marketing solution platforms.

“The Board of Directors and leadership team of QuiqMeds are very pleased to have Mr. Grindler join the company’s Board,” said Thomas Bergmann, Chairman of the QuiqMeds Board of Directors. “Mr. Grindler is a professional with substantial experience who significantly strengthens our board as we continue to implement our growth and commercialization strategies. We are confident that we have made an excellent addition to our board given Mr. Grindler’s successful track record of working with companies in various stages of growth.”

“I am extremely excited to join the QuiqMeds board in this challenging and evolving healthcare environment,” said Grindler on his recent appointment. “I am highly impressed with the recently released QuiqMeds enterprise platform. My experience at Tignieudis has provided me with a unique insight and knowledge base from which to strategically expand the QuiqMeds distribution and commercialization models. There is an enormous demand for an enterprise solution that can provide decision support while streamlining the pharmaceutical distribution, medication dispensing, and automation for hospital discharge environments.”

“QuiqMeds’ unique cloud-based platform improves medication compliance, adherence, and patient outcomes, which helps to address the exploding costs of healthcare. The solutions provided by QuiqMeds orchestrate the entire pharmacy ecosystem, connecting all stakeholders with actionable real-time analytics. I believe QuiqMeds will become a standard in pharmacy automation.”

Mr. Grindler also serves as chairman of ANIR and TDA, a European infrastructure and geo-marketing company focusing on behavior and outcomes. He was previously Chairman of AGENCE AKINAI, a European communications and web technology company and manager of LG Investments, a company focused on leading edge technology investments.

About QuiqMeds:

QuiqMeds is a leading provider of point-of-care pharmacy technologies and solutions. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Malvern, PA, QuiqMeds has developed a proprietary enterprise platform and kiosk based system to fill prescriptions as an extension of existing pharmacy operations or to add pharmacy operations at the point of service. The QuiqMeds enterprise platform provides real-time visibility into patient populations to immediately assess medication adherence. The QuiqMeds enterprise platform is a point-of-care solution designed to automate inventory control and management, tracking, reordering, fulfillment, billing and reporting with analytics. The platform automatically tracks all of the information required by state and federal laws.

Additional information about QuiqMeds is available at www.quiqmeds.com.

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Source:QMeds, Inc.