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Cramer Remix: This could make or break Tesla

Cramer Remix: This could make or break Tesla

Jim Cramer considers it his mission to teach investors how to make money in any situation.

On Friday, his task was to evaluate the non-farm labor report and find the areas where investors can make money.

"You look for outsized gains in certain segments of the report and you extrapolate," the "Mad Money" host said.

With this in mind, Cramer shared the companies and events he will be watching next week:

Monday: Tesla Model 3, durable goods
Tesla: Early reports signal that approximately 198,000 orders have been received for its new Model 3. This stock tends to trade on orders, so Cramer said to look out for if it gets another 100,000 orders over the weekend because it could be the big hit that Tesla's been looking for.

"You need to try to make money from everything that gets thrown at you," Cramer said.

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Cramer finds it difficult to overstate the contempt and anger that most executives feel about Valeant — the company that he considers to have singlehandedly created an entire bear market for drug stocks.

Only on rare days like Friday when Valeant actually rallied, is there a respite to the selling of the whole group.

"Every day that Valeant's awful business practices stay front and center in the public eye is another day that these guys know they are doomed to an era of lower profitability," the "Mad Money" host said.

So, with a new quarter now beginning on Wall Street and Bernie Sanders still running longer than Cramer thought, Valeant still has the ability to cause mayhem for the stock market. The damage seems completely unchecked to Cramer, with only the occasional up day for Valeant providing any relief.

The problem is that Valeant won't go down without swinging, and as long as it remains on its feet, the drug group simply cannot advance for any sustained period of time.

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Cramer has officially deemed Friday, "speculation Friday," where he highlights the high-risk high-reward stocks that could be worth trading in.

The caveat, he said, is that these stocks must be restricted to a small part of a discretionary mad money portfolio, and should not be placed into a retirement fund.

The first stock he looked at was Accelerate Diagnostics, a company that is developing a diagnostics platform to identify bacteria and viruses and then find out the best drugs to use against them faster than current machines used in medical labs.

Accelerate is still far from profitable, and if it does not receive FDA approval or if there is a delay, Cramer thinks the stock could be obliterated.

"That is what makes it speculative, however, I am confident that the prospects here look good, otherwise I never would have mentioned these guys in the first place," Cramer said.

Though the stock is still extremely risky, Cramer was willing to bless it for speculation at $14 with a potential upside if things go well outweighing the downside if things go wrong.

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In vitro fertilisation (IVF) being performed by a fertility doctor (right).
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Even though consumers across the country are benefitting from lower gasoline prices, Cramer still wants investors to be selective when picking restaurant stocks because not all of them are rallying in response.

One stock that he thinks could work in this environment is Dave & Busters, the chain of 81 venues that are a combination of restaurant, sports bar and gaming center.

Dave & Buster's reported earnings on Tuesday, and delivered a 10-cent earnings beat from a 43-cent basis, on higher than expected revenue, up 13 percent year-over-year.

However, even though the earnings appeared to be solid, the stock barely budged. Cramer thinks this could be due to cautious guidance from management on same-store sales in 2016.

To gain further clarity on the numbers, Cramer spoke with Dave & Buster's CEO Steve King.

"In the longer term, we really believe this is going to be a unit growth story and that the step function change that we really achieved over the last two years, we want to cement that home and make sure we can continue to grow from there," King said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Genuine Parts Company: "It's such a good stock. I've been looking at Genuine Parts, what a run that it has had. I also like AutoZone, that is in the zone because our car population is about 12 years old. You've got a good one."

Consolidated Edison: "We have been liking ED for so long and it has bored people. And you know what I think about boredom? The best kind of stock."

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