The best corporate April Fools' Day pranks of 2016


The best April Fools' pranks of 2016

Betsie Van der Meer | Getty Images

Tech giants like Google and Sony led the charge on Friday with their April Fools' Day shenanigans, but they definitely aren't the only companies having a little fun with pranks on April 1.

From insurance firms and restaurants to weather services and toy makers, here's a list of the best corporate pranks of 2016.

Editor's note: This will be updated throughout the day. Please check back for the latest corporate pranks.

By CNBC's Sarah Whitten
Posted 01 April 2016

Redbox Kiosk Ambassadors

Source: Redbox

Are you skilled at working in the dark? Can stack CDs? Love Yoga?

Then you are just who Redbox is looking for. The DVD rental company revealed on Friday that it is seeking "Kiosk Ambassadors," employees that will hand-deliver new release movies and video games to customers.

T-Mobile's Binging Headgear

Binge On, T-Mobile April Fools joke
Source: T-Mobile

T-Mobile wants you to binge your favorite shows hassle-free. The tech company has designed a hands-free device called "Binge on Up" which is designed to let users binge and be productive.

Attach your mobile device to the headset and watch your favorite shows while you do other activities. The company does warn that there might be some side effects — distracted walking, Netflix neck and watcher's elbow.

National Geographic Animal Photos

Retales Botijero | CNBC

Those familiar with the National Geographic are in for a surprise this month. The magazine revealed on Friday that it will no longer publish nude animal photographs.

From now on, all animals must be fully clothed in order to appear in its publications.

Cheesy Milkshakes from Wayback Burger

Cheeeesy Milkshake from WayBack Burger, April Fools joke
Source: WayBack Burger

Adventurous eaters, there's a milkshake just for you.

Wayback Burger has created an indulgent and cheesy new milkshake made with Kraft Cheez Whiz.

"There's nothing on the planet that can't be enhanced by cheese," John Eucalitto, president of Wayback Burgers, said in a statement. "As such, we wanted to create a unique milkshake that would melt the hearts of cheese lovers everywhere, and I'm happy to say that we have."

Quilted Northern's Rustic Toilet Paper

Quilted Northern Rustic Weave April Fools joke
Source: Quilted Northern

Quilted Northern has created a new toilet paper just for consumers who lead an organic lifestyle.

Its new Rustic Weave brand is an artisan crafted toilet paper that is hand-pulped and hand-perforated. The product comes in several varieties including cedar loom and extra virgin birch.

Brokelyn's "Hamilton" Prank

Brokelyn’s Hamilton prank April Fools joke
Source: Brokelyn

Free "Hamilton" tickets?

Brokelyn, a web-magazine that publishes content about Brooklyn events, reported on Friday that the popular musical "Hamilton" would be holding a free show in Prospect Park over the summer.

The web-magazine noted that there would be 7,000 tickets available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Interested parties need only call a phone number and ask for tickets.

The number provided by the publication belongs to Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Best to keep entering in the online lottery, "Hamilton" fans.

H&M's Mark Zuckerberg Clothing Line

H&M Mark Zuckerberg line, April Fools joke
Source: H&M

Want to dress like your favorite Facebook CEO? Then you are in luck!

H&M revealed on Friday that it will begin selling an exclusive line of Mark Zuckerberg apparel. The company's collection pack comes with seven grey t-shirts and a pair of jeans — the perfect outfit for someone who wants to stay focused on their career.

Uno, Alaska

Uno, Alaska April Fools joke
Source: Uno

Get ready to visit Uno, Alaska!

The Alaskan city of Juneau has partnered with toy giant Mattel to change the name of the capital to Uno.

"As the capital of Alaska, we enjoy promoting our state's rugged and unspoiled wild side," Kimberly Kiefer, the city manager of Uno, said in a statement. "Alaska has more abundant wildlife and adventure than anywhere in the lower 48. This partnership with UNO is just one way we are promoting the wild wonders our city and state have to offer."

Residents are slated to receive complimentary decks of Uno at city hall in honor of the revolutionary name-changing deal.

McDonald's Subscription Service

McDonald’s Subscription box April Fools joke
Source: McDonalds

McDonald's is going digital. The restaurant brand revealed on Friday that it will be delving into the subscription box industry with "MmmBox," a monthly specialty service.

The subscription boxes come in three different options: The Ribster, The Artisan and The Minimalist.

Alamo's wood-paneled station wagons

Alamo Woodies April Fools joke
Source: Alamo

Want to relive your childhood? Alamo Rent A Car is giving you that chance.

Popularized in the '60s, '70s and '80s the wood-paneled station wagon was a staple for every American family. Beginning June 15, Alamo will offer customers fully-restored and operational "woodies" for rent.

"At Alamo, we know vacations are all about making memories. What we've learned is that many of our customers actually want to look back — both literally and figuratively — and relive their childhood vacation memories with their own kids," Rob Connors, vice president of brand marketing for Alamo, said in a statement. "With our new selection of 'woodies,' Alamo customers can enjoy nostalgic features like rear-facing seats, white-wall tires and swing-down tailgates to help bring back those favorite family vacation memories from their youth."

Esurance "Election Insurance"

Esurance: Election Insurance
Source: Esurance Youtube

Home owners who are contemplating a move to Canada following the presidential election this year are in luck. Esurance is offering customers "election insurance."

"Now, more than ever, it's important to have a smart policy that protects your home in the event that you decide to abandon it for the next four years," the company said in its promotional video.

Esurance thoughtfully offered several packages to homeowners, including weekly home maintenance, holiday decorations and simulated teenage break-ups to sustain the illusion that the house is still occupied.

Google's Plastic Cardboard VR Headset

Google Plastic Cardboard, Googles April Fools joke
Source: Google

"The future is clear," says Google. The tech giant is tapping into the competitive world of virtual reality tech by launching Google Plastic Cardboard.

"Google Cardboard Plastic combines everything you love about virtual reality headsets with everything you love about reality," the company said in a statement.

The innovative gadget allows users to view the world in 4 dimensions with 20/20 resolution and 360 degrees of sound.

Plastic Cardboard probably went over better than Google's Mic Drop effort, which might have gotten some folks fired.

Lyft pranks Festus Ezeli

Lyft and Finals MVP Andre Iguodala created an extra-special edition of Prank Mode. One where Andre’s teammate, Festus Ezeli, was lead to believe he’d been released from the team, just before the playoffs. The stunt even featured The Murph and Mac Show, who broke the news while Festus listened in.
Lyft | YouTube

Lyft partnered with professional basketball player Andre Iguodala to prank fellow Golden State Warrior Festus Ezeli for April Fools' Day this year using the company's "Prank Mode" feature.

Using a fake radio segment from "The Murph and Mac Show," a popular San Francisco sports talk show, Iguodala tricked Ezeli into believing that he had been released from the team just before the playoffs.

Check out the full prank.

Other Lyft users can also prank their friends using the app.


Pornhub into cornhub, April Fools joke
Source: Pornhub

PornHub has done some drastic brand remodeling. The company now features videos catered solely to corn enthusiasts.

Dubbed "CornHub," the adult site offers a wide array of corn video options.

YouTube's Snoopavision

Snoopavision featured on YouTube as an April Fools joke
Source: YouTube

Users asked. Youtube delivered.

Starting Friday, Youtube talked up "Snoopavision," a 360-degree viewing experience with rapper Snoop Dogg.

The newest technology, designed and coded by the music artist, lets you watch Snoop Dogg react to YouTube videos.

"Dre has Beats, Jay has Tidal, Kanye has himself and now the world has Snoopavision," Snoop Dogg said in a promotional video.