Animal Emergency Care of Braselton Educates Owners on Pet Emergencies

BRASELTON, Ga., April 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pets owners need to be prepared for common pet emergencies, and know where to go for them, reports Animal Emergency Care of Braselton. Common indications and situations that require veterinary care include physical trauma, unconsciousness, pale/blue gums, difficulty urinating, heavy bleeding, ingestion of toxins and more. Knowing the location of an animal hospital that handles pet emergencies is something the pet owner should be prepared for ahead of time.

As identified from the ASPCA, there are a number of instances in which pets may need emergency care, including: trauma from animal fights and car accidents, falls, breathing problems, heatstroke, household poisoning, intestinal distress and other situations. If the owner notices their pet has pale gums, rapid breathing, excessive bleeding, seizures, unconsciousness, apparent paralysis, difficulty standing, changes in body temperature or rapid/weak pulse, then they should take steps to obtain immediate medical care for their pets. For those pets that express aggression, such as when severely injured, it is important for the owner to take care that they themselves are not injured during the process of transport. This can be accomplished by keeping their pet in a crate or box, or by wrapping them in a blanket/towel.

“All responsible pet owners should be aware of the symptoms of common pet emergencies,” said Dr. Amy Young, one of the veterinarians employed at Animal Emergency Care of Braselton. “As an experienced veterinarian, I can testify that timely treatment can make all of the difference when addressing ingestion of toxic substances, urination difficulty and physical trauma. Pets are at a greater risk of mortality when owners delay treatment. Some owners are unaware of symptoms to watch out for, and the team at Animal Emergency Care of Braselton is here to help our pet parents and patients.”

Animal Emergency Care of Braselton serves owners and their pets in Braselton, Jefferson, Winder, Buford, Auburn, Oakwood, Flowery Branch, Hoschton and surrounding communities. Their dedicated team focuses on providing the emergency care necessary for fast and effective treatment of pet emergencies. They are open from 6pm to 8am on weekdays and 24 hours over the weekend, as well as all major holidays. Animal Emergency Care of Braselton offers an on-site radiology lab for x-rays, a diagnostics laboratory for blood, urine and stool tests, and pet-safe anesthesia and monitoring through any necessary surgery.

Call (470) 209-7222 to learn more about common pet emergencies and Animal Emergency Care of Braselton or visit for more details.

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