Churn Creek Chiropractic Stresses Importance of Good Health for DOT Exam

REDDING, Calif., April 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maintaining optimal health enables patients to perform better on DOT exams, improve workplace performance and quality of life, reports Churn Creek Chiropractic. Patients at this clinic that choose to take charge of their health and diagnosed conditions see substantial reduction of workplace absenteeism and improvements in their physical and mental abilities allowing them to focus and perform necessary tasks better. Dr. Donovan Hutchings, D.C., takes a whole body approach to patient health with an individualized approach for the needs of each patient. Patients receive a broad array of leading edge treatments for conditions including those brought on by vehicular accidents. Dr. Hutchings enables patients to understand their treatment options and take charge of their health.

As reported in numerous studies, patients that take control of health issues can dramatically reduce and even eliminate long-standing symptoms. Chiropractic care, along with diet and exercise, has been used to help patients manage high blood pressure and white coat syndrome, maintain a healthy weight range, improve sleep-related conditions, such as sleep apnea, manage blood sugar levels and maintain eye health. Work absenteeism is a huge issue for those with chronic and at times debilitating conditions. Improved health directly impacts workplace performance and allow patients to fully enjoy their personal time.

A regular patient, Phoenix J., shared, “I had my first adjustment by Dr. Hutchings and before that had experienced headaches for more than 6 years. I’m telling the truth now when I say that after my very first adjustment THE HEADACHE WAS GONE! Quality of my life has increased almost overnight! Thank God for Chiropractic and of course, thank you, Dr. Hutchings.”

“Chiropractic is a gentle and subtle technique to address subluxations and bulging discs,” said Dr. Donovan Hutchings. “Chiropractic care is used to realign the body’s skeletal system and reduce pressure on injured areas. We find that patients that receive necessary treatment and take measures to follow-through on homecare suggestions see a dramatic change in how they feel and perform. Besides improved performance on DOT exams, their quality of life changes both at home and in the workplace.”

Dr. Donovan Hutchings has been offering specialized care at Churn Creek Chiropractic for patients in the communities of Redding, Anderson, Centerville, Bella Vista, Happy Valley and Shasta County. Patients benefit from a holistic approach and leading-edge technology at this Redding Clinic. Services include chiropractic care, massage therapy, DOT exams, lifestyle advice, and spinal & postural screenings. Appointments can be scheduled online and same day appointments may be available.

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