West Hartford Chiropractic LLC. Addresses Spring Gardening Back Safety

WEST HARTFORD, Conn., April 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prevention of common gardening injuries with a few tips and only a handful of changes can allow those with chronic injuries to return to their favorite hobby, reports West Hartford Chiropractic LLC. Patients at this center are surprised to find out about the changes they can make to prevent injuries and strain while spring cleaning. Chiropractors acknowledge gardening to be a significant cause of back and neck pain and patients would do well to educate themselves on how to garden safely.

Many chiropractors see patients come in with leaf raking injuries. Over 28,000 people annually are medically treated for back, neck and shoulder injuries related to disposal of leaves. Avoid leaf raking injuries by choosing the right size rake for your size, warm-up prior to the activity with stretches and windmills, switch hands from time to time, and use your legs to bend and lift. The experience of low back and mid back pain is a common complaint that may not always originate in the lower back. Thoracolumbar Syndrome, nicknamed “The Great Mimicker”, results from stress on the spine and referred pain from nerve compression. Chiropractors have the experience to identify and address the source of such pain.

“Chiropractic treatments are an effective and gentle option for addressing spring gardening back injuries,” said Dr. Moshe Laub. “As an experienced chiropractor, I look to educate patients on how best to avoid back injuries while gardening and manage current conditions. Many people are simply unaware of the stress that gardening can place on the body, in particular when poor body mechanics and movements are used. Patients are surprised to feel the difference that a few physical and behavioral adjustments can make to how they feel after gardening. In addition, making changes to certain activities during Spring Cleaning, such as knowing how to avoid leaf raking injuries, help patients maintain better alignment and reduce the chance of unnecessary injury. If patients require chiropractic adjustments to address gardening injuries, many are amazed at their body’s response and often experience an increase in range of motion paired with a decrease in pain. We strive to educate individuals on how to avoid potential gardening injuries with the right tools and moves.”

Dr. Moshe Laub is a chiropractor serving residents of West Hartford and surrounding communities for over 30 years at West Hartford Chiropractic LLC. Patients benefit from a combination of expertise and skill that spans the chiropractic wellness spectrum. Their goals are to bring pain relief, better health and an improved quality of life to their patients.

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