RJD Green Launches Animal Waste Management

TULSA, Okla., April 04, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rex Washburn, RJD Green (OTCPK:RJDG) CEO announced, RJD Green is launching the environmental technology, Animal Waste Management.

Rex Washburn, Chief Executive Officer, states; “Animal Waste Management is a patented technology that is fully developed, which addresses environmental issues of the commercial hog and poultry farm by eliminating liquid, solid, and gas waste while returning the water to usable ground water on the farm at cost similar to the handling and transporting expense of current waste disposal. Year two and three combined projections offer over $40,000,000 annual revenue with over 31% EBITDA. The revenue forecast is based on less than 3% of the total commercial meat farms in a four-state regional market, while marketing efforts will be on a national basis. The process has previously been pilot tested on two commercial poultry farms.”

Mr. Washburn further stated, “The Company has agreement to bring current, all testing with a six month field operation on a mid-west commercial poultry farm, and the field equipment is in schedule for manufacturing. RJD Green is now procuring the required $500,000 for full revenue launch of the technology.”

Look for further information forthcoming in our investor awareness process, or additional information can be viewed at http://www.rjdgreen.com/.

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