A peek at the world's most exclusive lingerie

For wealthy women, luxury lingerie brands including Agent Provocateur and Bordelle have become bedroom staples.

But for the super rich, lingerie doesn't come from a store or website. Instead, the company comes to you.

Luna Mae London has become one of the top-secret brands known only to the super rich. The hand-crafted undergarments are sought after by socialites, celebrities and aristocrats from the Middle East, Europe and New York.

But the pieces don't come cheap — and just to try on a Luna Mae bra, you have to be referred by another VIP. Accepted clients usually have to wait until the lingerie maker is visiting their city.

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"All our fittings are very limited," Claudia Lambeth, Luna Mae's CEO and founder, told CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich." "What I wanted to do is to invite a women to [a] beautiful experience of luxury."

That experience starts with an appointment at a client's home or hotel room, where Lambeth pops open a bottle of champagne and suggests styles and products best suited to her. Lambeth said when they fit women in their homes, "they tend to go for something more risque."

The bras start at $700, compared with roughly $100 at Agent Provocateur or Bordelle. And 18-karat gold slides and rings boost a Luna Mae bra's price to $2,300.

Source: Richard Bernadin

A Luna Mae robe that features embroidered sleeves and took more than 20 hours to sew sells for $2,800. One of Lambeths's masterpieces, a lace knicker, has 18-carat yellow gold and retails for $9,000.

Luna Mae only makes 50 of each piece, and it takes six to eight weeks to create a couture item. All of Lambeth's creations are handmade in an English atelier using Chantilly lace and French silk.

"If you're wearing something incredibly beautiful beneath your clothes, it can transform your confidence, the way you feel about yourself," Lambeth said. "And we really do want to make a woman feel her absolute best."

And of course, spend her best as well.

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