HP unveils sleek, super-thin Spectre laptop

HP unveiled a slim, stylish new laptop at a luxury conference in France on Monday.

The new HP Spectre, introduced at The New York Times International Luxury Conference in Versailles, is as thin as an AAA battery, according to an HP press release. Limited editions of the laptop come encrusted with diamonds and 18-karat gold. The design-focused laptop drew quick comparisons to Apple's Macbooks.

The Spectre's design is an upgrade from HP's previous laptop models. But it's not enough to move the needle for HP in the PC market, said Angelo Zino, technology analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence,

HP didn't immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

"I think this is a good start but I don't think this is going to have an impact on Apple whatsoever," Zino said in a phone interview. "When you look at HP over the last several years, they've really got an image problem. They're no longer considered an innovating company."

Apple was the only top-five computer-maker to see year-over-year growth in PC shipments, according to research firm IDC. From 2014 to 2015, Apple's computer shipments grew 6.2 percent, while HP's shipments fell by 5.9 percent, according to IDC.

An image problem isn't all that could limit HP's PC sales growth, said Trip Chowdhry, managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research.

"It is less to do with the form factor more to do with the operating system," Chowdhry told CNBC in an email. The Windows 10 operating system that powers the Spectre is inferior to Apple's Mac OS X, he said.

Windows 10 creator Microsoft declined CNBC's request for comment.