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The best bets to protect you from lazy passwords


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Many technology experts predict biometric authentication will be the future of password protection. It's already seeping into our daily lives. Apple's iPhone and iPad offer the ability to use biometrics with Touch ID.

Toronto start-up Nymi uses your unique heartbeat for authentication with its $149 wearable band, currently in beta. Confirm your identity once, and then go through your day without worrying.

One caveat: Biometric data like fingerprints and heart rate vary, and variance can be exploited by hackers. Jon Miller, a former hacker who now serves as vice president at antivirus software maker Cylance, said, "The human body isn't the perfect authenticator, but when combined with other factors of authentication, it becomes exponentially more complicated to fake."

This is why Nymi requires two factors: A person trying to access an account has to create the correct heartbeat pattern and possess a particular band. Karl Martin, founder and CTO of Nymi, said, "Our approach is to combine hard-to-spoof biometrics with impossible-to-copy hardware tokens, as well as wireless communication for highly convenient and secure identity authentication."

Nymi has raised $15 million from investors, including MasterCard and Salesforce Ventures, according to PitchBook.

Source: Nymi