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Nothing saved? You can retire here for $1,500 a month

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You've likely been drinking Colombian coffee most of your life, so why not try retiring at the source, in the country's so-called "Coffee Triangle" region of Paisa? Rents in the city of Manizales range from about $130 a month for a home in a working-class neighborhood to $430 for a modern three-bedroom, two-bath apartment in upscale districts such as Milan. Retirees can hire housekeepers for under $20 a day, a lunch out runs $3 to $5, and a loaf of bread and liter of milk will set you back less than $4.

Not in the best shape? Good news: Quality health care of North American standards can be had in Colombia for pennies on the dollar, reports InternationalLiving.com.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

Daniel Garzón Herazo | EyeEm | Getty Images