Cramer Remix: Washington's war on you

Jim Cramer is amazed that stocks weren't down even more than they were on Thursday.

He is starting to feel like there is a war being launched on business from U.S. politicians. If it keeps up, there could be even worse days ahead.

"I think the rhetoric against business is insane. In my view, business, the creation of capital through hiring and building something is worth celebrating. I look at business as way to put food on the table … We lavish praise on sports figures, but it is not like they create any jobs," the "Mad Money" host said.

Good business people are heroes, in Cramer's eyes.

But that doesn't seem to be how politicians view business. The war on business is now clearly aimed at investing, and the rhetoric could be very damaging.

"Any war on business in general, in my view, is a war against you. 90 million households own stocks in this country. 90 million housholds depend on stocks for their retirement, for wealth creation, for their kids's schools," Cramer said.

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders
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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bed Bath & Beyond was once a cash cow known as a great merchant. But after hearing its earnings report Wednesday, Cramer says it could be too late for the retailer to stage a comeback.

"While Bed Bath now has 500 IT professionals and it has welcomed the new digital world, I think it might be too late for them," Cramer said.

With its large span of stores around the country and excellent prices in its cosmetics business, Harmon, Bed Bath was once run by a management who understood what people wanted.

But sometimes a buyback is a terrible thing to waste, and it was clear to Cramer that Bed Bath has done just that.

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Signet Jewelers is among a host of stocks that has also struggled for gains in 2016. As the No. 1 specialty jewelry play in North America, the stock has fallen 23 percent from its highs in October and is down 6 percent year-to-date.

Recognized most from its retailers Kay Jewelers, Jared or Zales, Signet reported a 4-cent earnings beat from a $3.59 basis, even as sales were weaker than expected. But it was the healthy 4.9 percent increase in same-store sales that caught Cramer's attention.

Could Signet be getting its groove back? Cramer spoke with Signet Jeweler's CEO Mark Light to find out.

"We have been pretty consistent. If you look at Signet over the last 20 years, we have been consistently up 5 percent and outpacing the jewelry market," Light said.

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Cramer loves to take calls on "Mad Money" from investors who want his opinion on stocks. But he is only human, and sometimes he gets stumped.

When that happens, Cramer goes back to the drawing board to do his homework and then circles back to opine.

The first stock was NovoCure, which Cramer was familiar with, but wanted to refresh his memory before declaring a verdict. NovoCure developed a potentially revolutionary way to fight cancer with a proprietary technology known as Tumor Treating Fields, where it uses low-intensity electrical fields that disrupt key molecules within cancer cells and prevents cancer cells from replication.

And unlike many early stage biotechs, NovoCure has the clinical data, regulatory approvals and real world experience to make the technology work. The issue with the stock was that it came public at a bad time, with an IPO back in October, when all things biotech were abhorred.

But with health care suddenly back in favor on Wall Street and an increase in M&A activity, Cramer thinks this could be a great stock for speculation. Not for a retirement account, just for speculation.

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In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller-favorite stocks:

JetBlue Airways: "You're OK. I prefer Southwest right here. The group is under a lot of pressure."

Tal International: "If you want to play the new canal [Panama] there is only one way to do it, and that is CSX. It reports Wednesday, but I think it is going to be good for them. Wait until after the quarter because I am worried about coal shipments."

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