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Great American craft beer bars of 2016

Craft Brewery flight

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In the 1980s a handful of home brewers had a vision: to create a choice of full-flavored beers unlike the mass-produced beers that had come to dominate the American beer market. The obsession of brewing high-quality, diverse ales with unique character has since swept the nation. To date, there are 4,269 small and independent craft breweries operating in cities all across the United States, up from just 1,447 in 2005, and craft beer now accounts for $22.3 billion of the overall $105.9 billion beer market. Research firm Technavio predicts U.S. craft beer will grow another 18 percent between 2014 and 2019.

With so many available choices today, bars specializing in craft beer have become a common site across America. Yet as most beer lovers know, a great establishment isn't just about the ale. Atmosphere, friendly staff and special events are also a major draw.

Craftbeer.com — a website created on behalf of U.S. craft brewers and administered by the Brewers Association — recently released their list of the 51 best craft beer bars in America. Here is a sampling of the winners, voted on by 9,000 craft beer fans nationwide.


By Barbara Booth, CNBC.com
Posted 7 April 2016

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