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Retailers who filed Chapter 11—Where they are now

A store closing sign is taped on the door of a company going out of business.

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Retailers that went bust

Consumers' tastes are always changing — and for those retailers that can't keep up, empty storefronts often follow.

Some of the most recent retail bankruptcies have been rooted among the teen set, whose businesses were crushed at the expense of fast-fashion's growth. General merchandise stores Wal-Mart and Target have wiped out a number of other companies, who were unable to compete with their pricing power and general reach. That problem only increased when arrived on the scene.

The economy also plays a role, with the 2008 financial crisis wiping out more than a dozen major companies.

Just because a retailer is down, however, doesn't mean they're out. A number of the companies on this list emerged from bankruptcy, proving that in today's world of online shopping, many struggling brands are granted a second chance at life.

Here's a list of some retailers that did — and a few who did not — bounce back from bankruptcy filings.

—By CNBC's Krystina Gustafson, with contributions from Courtney Reagan
Last updated 07 April 2016

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