Aspera Celebrates Biggest Ever Presence at NAB 2016 with Showcase of New High-speed Transfer Software and Joint Partner Solutions

EMERYVILLE, Calif., April 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At NAB 2016 (booth #SL4910), Aspera, an IBM company and creator of technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed, will showcase the new FASP 3.6 version of its high-speed file transfer software and workflow automation solutions for the broadcast and media industries including new joint solutions powered by Aspera FASP®.

Aspera pioneered high-speed, secure file transfer over commodity Internet WANs for the media and entertainment industry at NAB 2004. In the decade since the media supply chain has come to depend upon high-speed transfer in virtually every workflow. Cloud computing and storage are now ubiquitous, and the pace of production now demands instant-on transfer services.

To meet the needs of the evolving media landscape, 12 years later at NAB 2016 Aspera launches a second era of innovation with significant new capabilities in the FASP 3.6 platform:

Fast file transfer interoperates with high-performance streaming - New stream APIs enable high-speed predictable transfer of live video and data streams over Internet WANs. Read and write file data as an input or output stream, rewrite sections of files during transport, and transport live video over long-distance networks.

Multi-tenant and Natively Clustered - A new transfer system allows tenants to privately manage storage for Aspera transfers via a new access key system, and all public and private cloud storage systems, as well as SAN/NAS/local storage are supported.

Performance Breakthrough – A new ‘ascp4’ transfer application combines multi-threaded IO with the FASP protocol to transfer at 1 million files per minute, the equivalent of 10 Gbps for DPX files transferred around the world. New multi-node transfers allow mass data transfers to cloud storage clusters (e.g. 120 Terabytes migrated per day).

New Aspera Watchfolder and Expanded Sync - A new cross-platform directory watchfolder service with fast, scalable file system notifications automates file, directory, and growing file transfers, supports ordered delivery of files and metadata, and centralizes management in the Aspera Console. The latest Aspera Sync bidirectional synchronization software now supports cloud storage, and is supported by the new Aspera Proxy.

Direct-to-Cloud Transfer Features - Aspera’s unique high-speed transfer with cloud storage now supports ten different object stores, adding HDFS, IBM Cleversafe, NetApp Cloud and the AWS GovCloud, to SoftLayer Swift, AWS S3, Azure BLOB, Google Storage, Akamai NetStorage, and Limelight Object Storage. Many new features enable faster performance and better security and functionality, including the Autoscale Transfer Cluster Manager software that automatically scales the number of Aspera server nodes for client transfer demands up and down based on user-defined policies and SLAs.

The FASP 3.6 platform makes possible new capabilities in Collaborative File Exchange, including the new Aspera Files SaaS and Faspex 4.0:

Aspera Files SaaS - Aspera’s new groundbreaking multi-tenant SaaS solution for sharing large files and data sets directly from cloud and on premise storage launched in late 2015 and now has over 500 organizations on boarded. Twenty new capabilities across the platform have been added since launch including new support for the Aspera desktop GUI, watch folder and client APIs as well as Aspera Drive 2.0.

Faspex 4.0 - Faspex 4.0 is a major new version of Aspera’s popular server software application for high-speed, secure file and directory exchange integrated with email. A large number of enhancements in response to the Aspera user community advance enterprise user management, custom branding, usability, and administrative ease.

Faspex automatically distributes files and directories to the Aspera Cargo client, now with the option to integrate the new Aspera Virtual Catcher to allow broadcasters and service providers to convert traditional satellite pitcher/catcher workflows to low-cost file transfers over Internet WAN using Aspera software.

Aspera Virtual Catcher (“AVC”) is a new application that works in conjunction with Aspera Cargo or Point to Point through a set of purpose-built workflows combined with configuration and status screens for ensuring pitched packages are completely received, validated and handed off to the recipient’s content management system (CMS). AVC validates received files with the ADI 1.1 specification and passes the content via direct API integration with leading CMS systems.

New Aspera Files Mobile applications for iOS and Android sport tight integration with the camera, photo gallery and third-party editing application to allow users to seamlessly transfer video and images directly to Files. The Faspex Mobile app expands metadata handling and support for single sign-on. A newly released Mobile Uploader for Android complements the popular iOS version for sending video and files to Aspera servers. A new modern mobile SDK simplifies integration for iOS and Android developers.

Aspera Orchestrator 2.5 - Now with over 150 third party plug-ins, Orchestrator 2.5, Aspera’s comprehensive workflow orchestration platform, adds new plugins for Dalet, Xytech, SGL FlashNet, Marquis, Emotion, ShowMgr, ARRIS CMM, DATDV, Snell, Fortium, Ateme, Minnetonka, MOG, and Baton. Many exciting new features enhance the Designer, provide step-wise versioning, and yield faster execution, and new Activity and Statistics screens show visual progress of every executing workflow and historical analytics.

The entire suite of Aspera products, On Demand Offerings and Aspera SDK will be on display at the Aspera Booth, SL4910.

Leading media technology providers have directly integrated Aspera FASP into their solutions for media asset management, processing and distribution, to achieve fast, distance-neutral transfer of digital media content.

5th Kind, a leader in asset management software and secure collaboration solutions, has integrated Aspera FASP into its CORE digital asset management collaboration platform to enable users to quickly and easily submit and transfer digital assets from any distance into its content workflows.

Automate-IT factory is now integrated with Aspera Orchestrator to streamline promo and trailer creation workflows for major broadcasters. The single system enables customers to automate, manage and monitor sophisticated Adobe® After Effects workflows, and even process and distribute complex trailers automatically.

BASE Media Cloud will showcase how it has integrated the new Aspera Files SaaS platform to provide a fast, easy, and secure distribution platform for its media clients to exchange and view media files, data and folders. The company will highlight how broadcast media agency Aura Media used Files for the FIA Formula E Championship, delivering HD packages amounting to over 100GB of media to broadcasters like FOX, CNN, EuroSport and ITV.

CATDV media asset management system uses its powerful ‘Worker Node’ automation engine to push and pull content via Aspera’s content transfer tools. The integrations support a wide range of workflows, particularly for distributed teams that need rapid, secure and reliable file movement between locations.

Dimetis, a leading provider of IP broadcast management software, will showcase the Aspera integrated BOSS FILE TRANSFER Manager®, which brings connectivity and automation to data exchange workflows by moving large media files while hiding system and workflow complexity from the end user. Direct integration of Aspera enables use of the end user’s full available bandwidth, enabling transfer times to be precisely calculated in advance and delivery of mission critical content guaranteed.

Firefly Cinema will showcase its new integration with Aspera that enables seamless, automated transfers of rushes and proxies to different locations. Combined with Aspera high-speed transfer technology, its FireDAY, FirePOST and FirePLAY modules deliver lean motion picture production workflows from set to post.

Fortium Technologies has collaborated with Aspera to integrate its MediaSeal encryption directly into the Aspera Faspex solution for collaborative media exchange and distribution to streamline customer workflows that depend upon end-to-end content protection. The integration allows content owners to apply Fortium’s unique MediaSeal encryption at the same time they are distributing content via Faspex, removing a step from the process while ensuring essential content security.

Irdeto, a world leader in digital platform security, has partnered with Aspera to offer a solution that seamlessly inserts watermarks in real-time as bytes are transferred, with no impact on delivery quality or speed, enabling content owners and distributors to quickly and efficiently deliver content across the world while mitigating the impact of online piracy.

JOUST has integrated Aspera FASP into JOUST Production and JOUST Dailies. JOUST Production enables filmmakers and television producers to manage, transcode, deliver and receive high-resolution images and metadata for large-scale productions. Using a streamlined web-based user interface, production personnel initiate requests that automate media transcoding, bundle associated files and metadata, and manage fast and secure Aspera transfers for incoming and outgoing media anywhere in the world.

Marquis has worked with Aspera to create a plugin for Aspera Orchestrator to trigger a transfer and format conversion workflow within the Marquis Medway media and metadata workflow automation solution. For example, a user can create an Aspera Orchestrator workflow using the Marquis plugin to rewrap a source MXF file to Quicktime, within Marquis Medway software.

MediaSilo has made its cloud-based collaboration and asset management platform even more powerful by integrating it with Aspera server software and the Connect browser client for easy, fast, efficient content upload and sharing.

Scality has integrated Aspera FASP with Scality RING, enabling media companies to transfer large files, such as HD video, into, out of and within Scality RING with the highest speed, security, and reliability regardless of file size or distance between production sites.

ShowMgr media production budgeting and scheduling software is now integrated with Aspera Orchestrator through the ShowMgr plugin. When a ShowMgr order goes to a specific status, Aspera Orchestrator can fetch the order detail, perform various operations, and report back to ShowMgr.

SilverTrak Digital has integrated Aspera Connect Server and Aspera Orchestrator into its Media Room media asset management system for all worldwide asset file transfers, enabling users to quickly, reliably and securely deliver screeners and broadcast files globally from its infrastructure in Australia.

Xytech’s MediaPulse media asset manager is now integrated with Aspera Orchestrator through a plugin that uses MediaPulse’s API to obtain details for customer work orders. The MediaPulse plugin within Orchestrator can obtain customer transcode profiles, delivery credentials, content metadata and start dates for each customer’s work order and use them as inputs within a larger workflow.

Aspera co-founder and CEO Michelle Munson, will share her expertise in a number of conference sessions:

Leveraging Hyperscale IT Infrastructure for Next-Generation Media Workflows
3.30-4pm, Sunday, April 17
NAB Media Technology Business Summit (N249)
A panel of executives from well-known media technology vendors will offer perspectives on technology developments in the media sector including the ongoing transition and advancement of technologies such as IP and virtualization.

A SaaS Platform to Solve the File Exchange Problem
3.30-4pm, Monday, April 18
NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference (S227)
This presentation will examine the technology behind a new SaaS platform that allows any organization, small to large, to establish a branded web presence for the fast, easy and secure exchange and delivery of any size file based media between end users across separate organizations, combining multiple on-premises and cloud storage platforms.

Hollywood - Cloud and a Changing World
4.15-5pm, Tuesday, April 19
NAB Cloud Innovation Conference (S219)
Technologists who built their companies in the cloud join Hollywood business executives to discuss how cloud computing has changed, and will continue to change, the traditional workflows of storytelling. We will discuss how cloud technologies are being used in today’s production and distribution environments, as well as hear these experts predict what is coming out of the clouds next.

The Future of Video Distribution
9.30-10am, Wednesday, April 20
NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference (S227)
This paper will examine the latest technological advances for various points in production and distribution workflows that will enable media organizations to satisfy video distribution demands both now and in the future.

About Aspera
Aspera, an IBM company, is the creator of next-generation transport technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. Part of IBM Cloud, Aspera software is powered by the Emmy® award-winning FASP® protocol to deliver the fastest, most predictable file-transfer, share and sync experience across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure. Aspera’s core technology delivers unprecedented control over bandwidth, complete security and uncompromising reliability. Organizations across a variety of industries on six continents rely on Aspera software for the business-critical transport of their digital assets. Please visit and follow us on Twitter @asperasoft for more information.

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