Prophecy Healthcare Launches Pre-Operative RN Competency Assessment

BOSTON, April 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prophecy Healthcare, the national leader in nursing and allied health assessments, today launched a nationally validated assessment for the Pre-Operative RN specialty. This completes Prophecy's suite of nationally validated perioperative assessments, which includes Surgical/Scrub Tech, Operating Room RN, PACU RN, and Endo/GI Lab RN.

As surgery continues to be among the highest areas of risk, as measured by claims payouts, health systems can improve patient safety with these targeted assessments developed to assess the aptitude of care providers in the perioperative setting.

"As risk in perioperative practice continues to drive up costs, we are pleased to complete a foundational risk mitigation solution," said Leslie Jeffries MSN BSN RN, Prophecy's Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations. "From Pre-Op to PACU, our clients can assess their entire surgical and outpatient staff to build better patient care teams."

Prophecy, with over 5.1 million assessments completed to date, helps organizations select providers with the clinical competencies, situation-specific interpersonal skills, and behavioral characteristics proven to link to successful nursing practice. Each assessment creates a personalized scorecard with a view into a clinician's overall results, along with detailed reports on their specific competencies. This gives nurse leaders evidence to help them make better hiring decisions, and to effectively tailor orientation and onboarding programs.

The Pre-Operative RN assessment was developed with the test development plan used by the American Board of Perianesthesia Nursing Certification. Prophecy's clinical team conducted a content-validation study with a panel of 10 Pre-Operative RN subject matter experts who identified over 40 unique job duties, and 80 individual knowledge, skills and abilities, required to perform care competently and safely in this nursing specialty.

The Pre-Operative Assessment augments Prophecy's validated clinical competency library, which contains over 200 assessments that cover a wide variety of nursing, allied, and home health specialties.

About Prophecy

Prophecy offers hiring and onboarding assessment solutions to the healthcare industry. With over 5.1 million assessments completed, Prophecy's scale provides unique insights into nursing performance that are unavailable elsewhere.

Prophecy is a division of Advanced Practice Strategies (APS), a technology company that partners with healthcare organizations to build the best patient care teams. APS was founded on the belief that clinicians performing at their highest potential are critical to achieving great patient outcomes.

APS offers personalized hiring, education, and retention tools for the healthcare industry. APS currently works to improve patient care in over 150 health systems, and has a proven track record of improving clinical outcomes while reducing turnover, risk and costs. More information is available at www.aps-web.com.

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