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Lightning Round: Best stock of the Dow?


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Mattel: "Mattel has been in a straight line up. It has only a point off its high. You have to wait until it goes under $30 before you buy."

United Health: "I've got to tell you, UNH dropped out of a couple of exchanges and the stock is going to go higher still. It may be one of the best stocks in the Dow."

Palo Alto Networks: "There is a shrinkage of all high-multiple stocks. The stocks that were valued very highly — we could be talking about Facebook — they are all in for sale right now. I think it will run its course, but that is what's going on. There is nothing wrong at Palo Alto, but I do believe that people want to pay less for stocks right now."

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Horizon Pharma: "No. We can't. Not right now. Sell, sell, sell, don't buy. People just hate those stocks because of Valeant."

Covanta Holding: "We really liked that story. There is no reason to sell that. It's waste energy, it's a very good situation."

Cisco Systems: "I think the prospects are great. I think Chuck Robbins [CEO] is doing a great job. It will be down tomorrow off of Juniper, that might be an opportunity to get in."

Weyerhaeuser: "We think it's got good fundamentals and a good chart. I like that business."

Acorda Therapeutics: "Biotech right now is totally on the hit list for politicians. Ron Cohen [CEO] is doing a great job, but it doesn't matter. No rally yet. We had a one-day rally off of Jack Lew, but that was it."

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