Connecture, Inc. Strengthens Partnership with Medica to Support Member Retention Initiative

BROOKFIELD, Wis., April 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Connecture, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNXR), a provider of web-based information systems used to create health insurance marketplaces, successfully implemented its Call Center Plan Compare solution to enable operational efficiencies that enhanced the member experience for Medica. As a result, the health services company, which is headquartered in Minneapolis and active in the Upper Midwest, reduced its overall call answer rate by 30 seconds, minimized call handle times by more than six minutes, and decreased member abandonment rate by 50 percent during a 90-day period.

For more than a decade, Connecture and Medica have worked together to build consumer-focused, online solutions to support enrollment in the health plan’s multiple lines of business, including Small Group and Medicare plan offerings. In 2013, Medica incorporated Connecture’s DrugCompare solution, which provides greater transparency into medications used by members as well as the appropriate drug alternatives or equivalencies, to support brokers and internal staff responsible for selling and supporting Medicare plan offerings. In 2015, Medica prepopulated prescription information for members into the call center solution of DrugCompare. Access to these details armed Medica’s call center operators with the necessary information to quickly confirm prescription information and understand plan eligibility, enabling a seamless transition to an enrollment option discussion.

“Our Medicare members take an average of four medications a day. Pulling their information in real-time can be time consuming, and ultimately, frustrating for them when waiting on the phone,” said Andrew Davis, General Manager, Vice President Medicare segment of Medica. “By preloading prescription details into our system, our customer service staff was able to quickly find this information, and ultimately, shift their focus to help guide our members, which delivered a greater, more productive call experience overall.”

“Medica has been a valued partner for more than ten years and we’re committed to identifying the right solutions to drive operational efficiencies, enrollment, and member retention for their organization,” said Jeff Surges, CEO of Connecture. “As a company that has been focused on empowering consumers to make confident decisions about their health coverage, we’re fully prepared to continue to support Medica’s effort to create a positive member interaction.”

About Medica

Medica is a health services company headquartered in Minneapolis and active in the Upper Midwest. With approximately 1.5 million members, the non-profit company provides health care coverage in the employer, individual, Medicaid, Medicare and Medicare Part D markets in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Medica also offers national network coverage to employers who also have employees outside the Medica regional network. For more information, visit

About Connecture

Connecture (NASDAQ:CNXR) is a leading web-based consumer shopping, enrollment and retention platform for health insurance distribution. Connecture offers a personalized health insurance shopping experience that recommends the best fit insurance plan based on an individual’s preferences, health status, preferred providers, medications and expected out-of-pocket costs. Connecture’s customers are health insurance marketplace operators such as health plans, brokers and exchange operators, who must distribute health insurance in a cost-effective manner to a growing number of insured consumers. Connecture’s solutions automate key functions in the health insurance distribution process, allowing its customers to price and present plan options accurately to consumers and efficiently enroll, renew and manage plan members. For more information, visit

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