Intelligent Voice and Castel Announce Partnership for Contact Center Business Customers

LONDON and BUFFALO, N.Y., April 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intelligent Voice Limited and Castel Communications, LLC, today announced a dedicated partnership to deliver best-in-class speech analytics capabilities to contact centers across the world.

The partnership redefines LIVE speech analytics available today, including delivering even faster and more accurate word and phrase detection for customer/agent conversation monitoring. “Intelligent Voice’s powerful CPU/GPU appliance powers Castel Detect™ with the speed and extensive words and phrases our customers demand,” states John Ripa, Chief Operating Officer for Castel. “Customers have complained repeatedly about the length of time needed to add new words and phrases to the application and we listened. As our solution evolves from its current platform, Intelligent Voice’s appliance, based around Nvidia® GPU technology, leverages the massively parallel world of CUDA programming to give blisteringly fast ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) across large data sets. In addition, customer requirements for an expanded dictionary, multiple languages and cloud enablement are addressed with Intelligent Voice. Our customers are thrilled to know their expectations are Castel’s primary interest.”

This newest version Castel Detect™ will be available in May 2016, accompanying features such as on-call scorecards for agents, scorecard management tools, instant messaging and verbatim scripting.

About Intelligent Voice Limited: Intelligent Voice Limited has offices in London and New York and is known by customers as providing the world’s fastest word and phrase discovery. A leading vendor of speech analytics in the legal, securities and forensics investigations industries, Intelligent Voice Limited is a pioneer in the speech analytics marketplace. For more information, please visit or call +44 (0)20 3627 2670 today.

About Castel: Founded in 1982, Castel designs call center software, services and solutions engineered for businesses. Castel listens, learns, plans and partners with companies to define and realize their future. For more information, news and perspectives from Castel, please visit Castel Newsroom at

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