Kouclo officially enables new domain name and opens the global strategy composition

BEIJING, April 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Kouclo Group announced official use of new domain name oomall.com of Kouclo and the original domain name, if visited, will automatically jump to the new domain name. This move is an important step for Kouclo Group to speed up national strategic layout and accelerate the process of internationalization.

Li Linbin, CEO of Kouclo Group said that, the new domain name is enabled for strategic planning of Kouclo Group in the rapid development stage of the group. The more concise domain name is conductive to obtaining higher user traffic, facilitating user memory and access and transmitting and improving the brand image of Kouclo. Enabling new domain name of oomall.com will further strengthen the competitiveness of Kouclo in the e-commerce industry.

The domain name upgrade fully reflects the ambition of Kouclo Group to comprehensively speed up creating the domestic leading B2B2C e-commerce platform and means that Kouclo Group makes arrangement in the whole country, further upgrades and improves user experience and further upgrades in terms of brand LOGO, official website page, app function and design and financial service diversity, making the users have different shopping experience.

An e-commerce person said that Kouclo will switch the domain name recently and the new domain name will strengthen "one operator for one brand" operation and shopping convenience of Kouclo, enhance the comprehensive shopping platform features and conform to the business model of Kouclo Group. It is a major movement since strategic cooperation between Kouclo Group and All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese in carrying out "Internet + One Belt and One Road" eco-origin product promotion activities and "Internet + 100 villages" poverty alleviation assistance plan and also the embodiment of e-commerce "ecosphere" strategy constructed by Kouclo Group.

The transaction data published in Kouclo shows that the total trading volume reached RMB 63.27 billion and the number of registered members exceeded 70 million in 2015. Currently, Kouclo has a good ecological chain, existing Kouclo mall, limit brand discount website "OOVIP", payment instrument "Kouclo Pay" and chat tool “OO”. Moreover, Kouclo Group is vigorously developing Kouclo cross-border e-commerce in cooperation with All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and establishing its own digital logistics system.

Li Linbin, CEO of Kouclo Group pointed out that, "The future business competition is inevitably the war of platforms". Kouclo Group aims to make a platform for web, logistics, information system, cross-border e-commerce, rural e-commerce and financial payment business rather than to achieve short-term profits. It's foreseeable that online and offline businesses compete and infiltrate mutually and the competition is increasingly fierce with the expansion of e-commerce platform from traditional core business to multiple varieties. It can be been that the online and offline ecological adjustment of Kouclo Group is being accelerated and the online and offline, platform and content, technology and resource, traffic entrance and logistics supply chain and other levels will be integrated gradually.

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Source:Kouclo (Fujian) E-Commerce Co. Ltd.