New Barracuda system offers touch controls for snowplow truck plowing and spreading applications

MINNEAPOLIS,, April 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The new Barracuda™ integrated plow and spreader control system from Certified Cirus Control Systems features membrane-switch touch controls that allow winter maintenance operators to control both the proportional direction and speed of hydraulic plow, spreader, tarp and dump applications. The compact and easy-to-install unit provides cost-effective controls for a central hydraulics system on any size of truck but was specifically engineered to fit comfortably in tighter truck cabs.

The Barracuda electronic control system updates the industry idea that a joystick is the only device capable of controlling the proportional direction and speed of snowplow truck implements. "We intentionally designed the Barracuda system to incorporate switches using our membrane-touch technology," said Paul Mortell, president of Certified Cirus Control Systems. "And by relying on membrane switches, we were able to integrate six independent controls for plowing and spreading applications in one small, durable package."

Certified Cirus Control Systems developed the Barracuda system in response to requests from snow and ice removal operators and managers. Operators were looking for a product to control both plow and spreader applications. Managers also saw the utility of having multiple snowplow controls in one package but wanted a more cost-effective version.

The company also kept in mind snowplow truck upfitters when designing the Barracuda system. "Rapid up-fit of a snowplow truck depends heavily on the labor time it takes to move a truck in and out of the shop," said Mortell. "Since the Barracuda system is faster to install, it saves upfitters time and money."

In addition to giving an operator the ability to control both plow and spreader applications, the Barracuda system warns the operator of low or hot oil in the truck's central hydraulics system. Auto shutdown circuits for low oil and dump body limit are also available.

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