Louis Berger delivers safer water supply, improved sanitation services to residents of Buzau County, Romania

MORRISTOWN, N.J., April 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Louis Berger recently completed a technical assistance, design and project management contract under a European Union (EU)-funded program that has resulted in improved and efficient water and wastewater systems in Buzau County, Romania. The total program took four years to complete and involved a total 68 million euro ($77.5 million USD) investment in the county's water infrastructure.

"This water infrastructure modernization program is enabling access for more than 200,000 residents to a safer water supply and sanitation services," said Jesper Damgaard, Louis Berger's senior vice president and managing director for Europe. "Public health in Buzau county stands to benefit, but improving overall water quality also carries significant environmental benefits by cutting the risk of pollution and helping contain water losses."

The upgraded potable water infrastructure includes three new drinking water treatment stations, six rehabilitated water treatment plants, two new reservoirs and three modernized reservoirs, six new pumping stations and three upgraded pumping stations and a potable water distribution network that was extended more than 50 kilometers (31 miles). The newly modernized wastewater system comprises a sewerage network extended by nearly 110 kilometers (68 miles), 44 new pumping stations, a new wastewater treatment plant and four refurbished wastewater treatment plants.

After a four-year public awareness campaign, 75 percent of Buzau County residents recognized the investment program and listed as its main benefits improved quality of life, increased drinking water accessibility and reduced health risks.

The firm provided design review, tender documents and technical assistance for six contracts. It also delivered project management support throughout construction, provided modern hydraulic modelling, water treatment plant residual management, trenchless technology solutions, reviewed the investment master plan and provided communications services.

Louis Berger has worked in Romania for 25 years, completing several hundred contracts for public and private sector clients in the environment, transportation, buildings and facilities, economic and institutional development, energy and mining markets.

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