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Herbalife responds to Ackman comments

Pershing Square Capital Management CEO Bill Ackman speaks during an event in New York.
Jin Lee | Bloomberg | Getty Images

After investor Bill Ackman slammed Herbalife on CNBC earlier today, Power Lunch asked Herbalife to come on the air and respond to his comments and the new film "Betting on Zero," which also casts Herbalife in a negative light.

Herbalife did not provide us with a guest, but it did send us this comment:

"Let's all acknowledge this for what it is, an infomercial for Bill Ackman's failing portfolio. If this was supposed to be a balanced film, why did the film not include any of our more than 4 million current members? Why did the film not disclose the direct 20-year connection between the producer and Bill Ackman? Why did the film not disclose who was funding the production? Why did the film not disclose that Bill Ackman's campaign is under criminal investigation by the FBI and DOJ? Why did the film not disclose that the scene in the church was completely fabricated and why was Bill Ackman featured in the Q&A session after the film?