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Office Envy: Get inside WeWork's New York space

Inside WeWork's New York City coworking space

Don't call it an office.

WeWork, the coworking and community space, which is now valued at $16 billion has grown drastically and is the home to startups, small businesses and independent workers.

It's community-member approach is fundamentally a space where any group of individuals to 30-person companies can rent out office space and it boasts locations from New York City to Los Angeles and London to Shanghai.

WeWork's more than 90 locations, have a combined 50,000 members and by the end of this year it plans to be in nearly 30 cities in 12 countries.

"We see people across the world who desire more interaction and communal spaces in the places that they work and live," Dave Fano, WeWork's Chief Development Officer told CNBC. "Our mission is to give our members the space, community and services they need to create their life's work."

The lounge inside WeWork West Broadway, in New York City
Source: WeWork

"One of the key elements of WeWork is glass and transparency," Artur Fruman, Welzoo co-founder told CNBC. Welzoo, is a startup aimed at helping causes raise money and Fruman has been working out of WeWork in Manhattan since 2014. "Seeing other people work, gets everyone in the zone, hustling and making stuff happen."

One of Fruman's favorite aspects is the collaboration it encourages.

"Every Thursday, there's an epic happy hour with free drinks, food, and it's a great way to network."

Allison McGuire founder of Walc, an app that gives directions based on what you see, works at a WeWork near Wall Street. "One of the coolest things about working here is that it's full of people just like you." Pointing at a young man in a separate office, she said, "their CEO is also our CTO."

"There's a lot of collaboration. We met a recruiting agency here that actually ended up finding our our newest hire," she said.

WeWork's next move beyond expanding its office concept, is an experimentation with residential living spaces for its members, called, WeLive.

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