Yarmouth Veterinary Center Offers Unique Stem Cell Therapy for Pets

YARMOUTH, Maine, April 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stem cell therapy offers pets and their owners an alternative to invasive surgery, reports Yarmouth Veterinary Center. Pets no longer have to undergo painful, destructive steroid injections or undertake invasive surgery for particular joint conditions and other issues. An effective breakthrough treatment, stem cell therapy, is available for pets at Yarmouth Veterinary Center. This animal hospital is one of only two veterinary clinics in all of Maine to offer this revolutionary alternative.

Surgery is known to be painful and possibly require a considerable period of recovery or even rehabilitation. Steroid injections are meant as a stopgap, offering short-term relief but contributing to the deterioration of the area when used long-term. Stem cell therapy offers an alternative to these common approaches.

As reported in numerous studies, stem cell therapy is a powerful anti-inflammatory and regenerative medicine. It is safe for people and animals. Stem cell therapy is used in pets to repair and even regenerate a particular area without surgery or significant downtime. Response rates vary but based on thousands of veterinary patients, and significant studies, over 50% of patients have had good to excellent results. The type, stage and expected progress of a pet’s specific concern should be considered when evaluating stem cell therapy response. Arthritis and other chronic or progressive problems may require more than one treatment of stem cell therapy or a combination of therapies for best results.

“We are pleased to provide pets and their owners with this effective alternative,” said Dr. Louise LeBoeuf, DVM. “From my previous experience, many pet owners have delayed needed surgery due to cost, fear and the potential of a long recovery period. Owners turn to steroid injections and pain medications to help pets feel some relief. It is proven that reliance on steroids and medications should not be a part of pet owner’s long-term strategy. With stem cell therapy, pets can experience better range of motion and improved joint health without medications, unnecessary pain or surgery. We are proud to offer this revolutionary treatment option as a natural and effective alternative.”

Dr. Louise LeBoeuf, DVM, is one of the practicing veterinarians Yarmouth Veterinary Center, serving residents of Yarmouth, Cumberland, Falmouth, Portland, Freeport, Pownal, Brunswick and the surrounding communities since 2000 at its current site. Patients benefit from a full-service animal hospital with a personalized approach to veterinary care. Yarmouth veterinarians and staff offer medical, surgical and dental care, diagnostic testing, house calls, boarding, nutritional and behavioral consultations, an in-house pharmacy and an online pet health library. Patients benefit from compassionate treatment and the latest approaches in veterinary medicine at Yarmouth Veterinary Center.

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Source: Yarmouth Veterinary Center