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World-class entrepreneurs are popping up all over the globe as technology levels the playing field for innovators beyond Silicon Valley. New start-up ecosystems can be found in emerging hot spots — from Santiago, Chile, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, to south Florida.

To get a glimpse of the trend, one can look at the Startup Showcase at the eMerge Americas B2B conference in Miami tomorrow. At the event, more than 100 companies from 15 countries — including university start-ups, early- and later-stage ventures — are presenting their disruptive business models to key investors and potential business partners. Their ultimate goal: to get chosen to pitch their business plans on center stage in order to raise funding that can help take their business to the next level.

Here is a sampling of some of the hottest companies driving innovation across industry sectors, including health, travel, aerospace and more.

By CNBC's Barbara Booth
Posted 18 April 2016

Umanick Technologies, Valencia, Spain

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For Umanick Technologies, a technology company founded in 2012 that develops identity-management software, improvement in patient safety is their No. 1 goal. Their plan: to eliminate errors in health-care processes at hospitals and medical centers through the use of biometric technology software. Called Identity for Health, patients will be able to be securely identified in less than five seconds, simply by placing their finger on a sensor or looking at a camera. Identity Health will help to avoid issues such as surgeries on the wrong patients, incorrect medication administration, identity theft and duplicate medical records.

ThemeGo, Tel Aviv, Israel

'The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter' At Universal Studios Hollywood.
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Planning a visit to a theme park can be a literal roller-coaster ride. ThemeGo eliminates much of the guesswork through its online vacation-planning platform, which allows enthusiasts to share reviews of their favorite theme park experiences around the world. This TripAdvisor of themed entertainment provides community-based reviews on every single venue inside a theme park, including attractions, shows, shops, events, restaurants and hotels. Everything in ThemeGo can be bookmarked, creating a personalized itinerary and map for the visit, which can be printed out or accessed through a mobile device.

Yariv Padva came up with the concept in 2014. A theme park fan himself, Padva was frustrated by the lack of information on themed entertainment and found the websites difficult to navigate. ThemeGo is collaborating with Ripley Entertainment (a group with more than 90 attractions worldwide and 12 million visitors per year), I-Drive 360 (Orlando's newestentertainment complex) and additional theme parks.

Armana, Guatemala

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With Armana's new mobile and web app, PideloRapido, non-U.S. consumers can now access products and services from U.S. retailers. The company's mission: to accelerate cross-border e-commerce growth with incentives such as all-inclusive final purchase price payable in local currency; and multipayment options, including credit cards, bank deposits, reward points and gift cards.

CancerAid, Sydney

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Dealing with cancer is difficult enough. Tracking the treatment, pinpointing helpful resources, and organizing the journey just adds to the stress. Now cancer patients and their caregivers will have easy access to all of this through a new, simple-to-use smartphone app.

Called CancerAid, the app allows patients to track medical records and organize their treatment and medication schedules. It also offers 24/7 on-call medical and psychological support. The co-founders — Dr. Nikhil Pooviah, Dr. Raghav Murali-Ganesh and Dr. Akshat Saxena — developed CancerAid in conjunction with more than 100 cancer specialists and 20 cancer charities.

The start-up was accepted into the HCF Catalyst accelerator program in Sydney and received $50,000 in seed funding. The doctors hope that cancer institutions will license the app as a subscription service offered free to their patients and caregivers.

CancerAid will be launching on iPhone and Android in June 2016.

ALuLa, Doral, Florida

A Southwest Airlines Co. Boeing Co. 737-8H4 plane sits next to US Airways Group Inc. jets on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles.
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ALuLa is finally allowing aircraft to "speak," through its ALuLa Heart, an onboard communications device. Co-founders Thomas Byrd, Jason Keasler and Joe Rjeili developed the system, which can be integrated into any commercial airliner equipped with a black box.

The ALuLa Heart allows transmission of valuable aircraft diagnostic data in real time. The data is streamed from the plane to a global network of crowdsourced aircraft receivers. It alerts decision makers to abnormalities in an aircraft, allowing for predictive rather than reactive maintenance.

Even when out of range, the ALuLa Heart can switch to alternate means of communication, avoiding blackouts. Real-time encrypted data is then forwarded to the ALuLa operations center and is immediately made available to end users. In the event of a crisis, data is transmitted to those who need it most. Non-critical data is uploaded at aircraft gates via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi once an airplane arrives.

Aurus Software, São Paulo, Brazil

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Aurus, a company specializing in governance and business-process management, has developed the Enterprise Service Center, a powerful platform designed to enable users to create and edit tasks, activities, workflows and processes according to a company's requirements and business model.

The system will help companies improve the decision-making process, standardize procedures, increase operational efficacy and reduce costs, all with complete governance.

Uniko, Ciudad de México, Mexico

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Uninspired by their own wedding-gift registry experience, co-founders Tere Cremona and Raul Gonzalez set out to transform the way people give and receive wedding gifts — a concept they came up with on their honeymoon.

Unlike the traditional department-store gift registries, Uniko offers couples an elegant and personalized way to receive money rather than gifts so they can buy the items they want.

Through Uniko's online registry, couples surf through thousands of potential gifts from the Uniko catalog or add in their own wish list: From the functional toaster and blender to the experiential wine tasting or even a kitchen renovation, the options are limitless. Guests then contribute to any item on the registry, and couples receive the cash.

Uniko has raised $400,000 to date.

Bicycle Capital, Bogotá, Colombia

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Start-up company Bicycle Capital is encouraging companies to sign on with them to offer employees an alternative to urban transportation with its eBikesharing systems. Designed for the urban commuter, the eBike sharing program provides a fleet of eBikes, stations and software to allow multiple users to access the eBikes on demand.

Bicycle Capital's aim is to help companies reduce their carbon footprint, improve employee wellness and provide a more cost-effective approach to transportation. Riders can choose to pedal or apply the motor for assistance. At press time, the company claims eBike users had thus far ridden a total of 283,766 miles worldwide in its eBike program.

Each eBikeshare program is personalized and includes user training, benefit analysis, financial analysis and fleet management and maintenance.

Bicycle Capital currently has four retail stores and is based in both Bogotá, Colombia, and Tallahassee, Florida.

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