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Cramer Remix: Tina Turner's money making lesson

Cramer Remix: Tina Turner’s money making lesson

Stocks are not hitting a top, and they are not hitting a bottom. For Jim Cramer, they are in a trough.

A trough indicates that the numbers for a company have finally bottomed, which was a major reason for stocks to rally recently. Cramer explained it through the use of Tina Turner, who in her version of "Proud Mary" said there are two ways to get the job done: the rough way, or the easy way.

"Unlike Tina, who says 'we never do nothing nice and easy, we always do it nice and rough.' Not me. I like it easy. I look at the stock and it tells me whether we have hit trough numbers," the "Mad Money" host said.

At first glance, Goldman Sachs reported a number that was absolutely hideous to Cramer on Tuesday. Given that Goldman had fewer employees and expenses reigned in, Cramer could only conclude that there was a ton of employees doing a lot of work.

In pre-market trading, the stock plummeted. After the opening bell, the stock began its upward ascent.

"A stock that rallies after that putrid quarter is a stock that says, look at me, the worst is over, get on board because we're ready to roll up river," Cramer said.

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Media stocks have been leading the charge higher since February, with the group up 13 percent on average. Considering that just last year the entire media cohort was in free-fall over television subscriber worries, Jim Cramer found this remarkable.

To gain further insight on where media stocks like Disney, CBS, Time Warner and Comcast could be headed, Cramer turned to Bob Lang to look at the charts. Lang is a technician, founder of and colleague of Cramer's at

Ultimately, Lang interpreted the charts to suggest that Disney, CBS, Time Warner, and Comcast all have more room to run. And if Cramer had to pick his top player, he would go with Disney based on both the technical and the fundamentals.

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Cramer always keeps the strength of the packaged foods space on his radar. One thing that has stuck out to him lately is that the rally in this group now includes many laggards that have started to make a comeback.

Kellogg and J.M. Smucker are two of the more established companies in the sector that have come roaring back. And Cramer doesn't think this is just a case of a rising tide lifting all ships, he thinks it is more than that.

"Don't get me wrong, I believe they have more upside, I just think you should wait for more of a pullback before you start buying Kellogg or Smucker," Cramer said.

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Netflix and IBM stock were both annihilated on Tuesday, leaving Jim Cramer wondering what to do with these stocks.

"I think there has been enough damage to both stocks that it will be hard to reverse in a day," Cramer said.

At this point, Cramer considered Netflix to have questionable credibility. It is now guilty until proven innocent. He recommended waiting for the stock to settle, and thinks next quarter could be a positive one.

As for IBM, in the long term Cramer thinks it could have a good future. Right now it is a battle for the soul of the stock

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And while Cramer monitors stocks, he also likes to keep track of game-changing privately held companies disrupting their industry,

Blippar is the leading player within the augmented reality space. Meaning, it helps the real world connect with the digital world. The company has the first visual discovery browser powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision technology.

Basically, a user downloads Blippar's app, and then points their smartphone at an object and that object will come alive on their phone with information, music, videos, games and special retail offers. Blippar also aims to become the Google of visual search, allowing users to point their phone at something and receive information.

To learn more, Cramer spoke with the founder and CEO of Blippar, Ambarish Mitra.

"One of the biggest deficiencies we as human beings have is that we can describe everything. So, search isn't the answer alone to all of our problems, because people are visual by nature," Mitra said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Pandora Media: "No, not a fan of Pandora. Remember, I like Apple. I know people have turned on Apple, and once again I say own it, don't trade it and stop bellyaching."

Golar LNG Limited: "Golar is a trade on natural gas, which is spiking up here. So you can make a couple of bucks, but don't overstay your welcome. There is a big surfeit of natural gas."

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