USA Funds and Gallup Launch Nationally Representative Daily Research Platform Dedicated to 'Completion With a Purpose'

SAN DIEGO, April 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- USA Funds and Gallup today announced during the ASU GSV Summit their collaboration on a new research platform that will deliver first-ever insights from past, current and future consumers of higher education. Each day, 350 days a year, Gallup will conduct nationally representative interviews with approximately 500 U.S. adults about their higher education interests, experiences and outcomes.

The aim of this collaboration is to disseminate concrete research that enables more U.S. students and adults to complete postsecondary education with a purpose — to achieve a great career and fulfilling life.

"We are partnering with the most recognized and trusted name in research to give voice to the consumer perspective on higher education on a scale that has never been done before," said William D. Hansen, USA Funds president and CEO. "This ongoing survey will allow us to more effectively identify strategies that promote what we call 'Completion With a Purpose'  helping more students complete college prepared to launch rewarding careers."

This first-of-its kind research will provide the substance for weekly reports on timely topics related to training and postsecondary education, periodic reports based on in-depth research and an annual report focused on the voices of postsecondary education consumers at the national, state and local levels.

The research will provide insights to improve student success in college and graduates' success in their careers by:

• Offering guidance to prospective college students and their families, as well as current college students, in the selection of postsecondary education programs and in-school practices, such as mentors and internships, to promote college completion and career readiness.
• Informing national, state and local policy discussions aimed at improving the returns on the public's investment in postsecondary education and training programs.
• Transforming educators' practices to better serve students and the needs of the workforce.

"Research on this scale and depth has never been done before in the history of education. The vision to unlock the voice of prospective, current and former students in postsecondary education is exactly what our country needs to guide our investment of time and money in one of the most precious assets we have," said Brandon Busteed, executive director of education and workforce development at Gallup.

The project will deliver information about various demographic groups, including education levels, as well as by state and MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) locality. Included among the daily questions Gallup will ask U.S. adults are:

• Whether they would recommend their educational path to others, and what they would do differently if they could go back and do it all over again
• How valuable and necessary additional credentials or further education would be to their career progression
• The extent to which they use the skills they learned during their educational experience(s) in their life today

USA Funds and Gallup have collaborated on two previous major research initiatives, including studies of the experiences and educational outcomes of minority graduates and of graduates who completed two-year degree programs. In addition, Gallup is among the partners contributing to USA Funds' College Value initiative of four major projects spanning 12 states. The initiative is designed to develop new models to assess the value of postsecondary programs based on outcomes, such as employment, earnings, and noneconomic benefits including graduates' long-term wellness.

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