Vesel, LLC and Trade Alert, LLC Join Forces to Provide Specialized Buy Side Listed Options Messaging

NEW YORK, April 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vesel, LLC (Vesel), and Trade Alert, LLC (Trade Alert), the two main sources for options transparency on Wall Street, have announced a partnership whereby buy side customers are individually alerted to specific sell side options trades indicating broker involved and other pertinent trade information. The customizable platform allows buy side clientele to earmark specific stocks to monitor and thereby receive alerts. The combination of FinTech resources demonstrates Vesel’s and Trade Alert's commitment to the ever-increasing importance of delivering customized options information to a sophisticated and growing client base.

The partnership will use Trade Alert's industry leading instant messaging platform with Vesel's customized buy side Watch List Reporting and Alerting application. Buy side clients will benefit from unobtrusive alerts from sell side option volume advertisers. The alerts will be customized to the securities that each buy side client has identified as part of a Watch List. The alerting platform will complement the trader, analyst, and portfolio manager’s ongoing need for tangible information relating to their stocks of interest. This ability to provide options transparency helps offer information not readily available.

“We are very excited to work with Vesel and share their goal of increased transparency for the listed options community,” says Henry Schwartz, President of Trade Alert. “While automation is great for market efficiency, it makes intelligence much harder to come by. Vesel adds a valuable dimension to the trading process and we look forward to helping buy side participants increase their level of awareness and understanding in today’s environment.”

"Vesel's never before available information on options volume leaders is now even easier to obtain for our buy side clients," explains Joe Wesley, Vesel’s Founder and Chairman. “Vesel's sell side community also benefits from being more visible and transparent to their hedge fund and money manager clients. Trade Alert is a pioneer in the FinTech space, so we are very proud to expand our relationship.”

About Vesel Interactive

Vesel provides an innovative search engine that offers detailed information on trading activity and volume leaders in equity derivatives that was previously unavailable. Bridging the communication gap between the sell and buy side, these tools provide a platform upon which to instantly source individual trades, ideas and liquidity. The system also combines an IOI functionality (Indication of Interest) called VolAxe™ with Trade Advertising and Trade Data Mining. Vesel, while embracing the growth of electronic trading, has stripped the aspect of non-transparency and replaced it with a more transparent output. For more information, visit us at or our LinkedIn homepage;

About Trade Alert

Trade Alert, LLC is a software and services company focused on the synthesis and distribution of market intelligence to financial professionals. Leading banks, brokers, and traders use our systems to monitor and interpret option order flow in real time, leading to more-informed decisions and intelligent discussions with clients. For more information, visit

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