Tim Cook: Click here for new MacBooks ... Or not.

Tim Cook tried to unveil a new Mac laptop Tuesday — but ended up tweeting out a dead link instead.

Apple's CEO intended to show off the thinnest MacBook yet, but the link failed to direct to Apple's MacBook website, sending tweeters into a tailspin.

Cook's been busy running the wealthiest company in the world, which of late has faced off against the FBI, minted new iPhones and iPads, and planned a forthcoming developers conference.

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated 13-inch device has garnered buzz of its own, boasting a 12-inch Retina display, a new body color, a faster processor, extra battery life and more RAM.

Still, it appears even a "highly responsive full-size keyboard" and "Force Touch trackpad," like those on the new Mac, can't prevent the occasional typo. Cook's tweet has since been deleted and replaced with a new, working link.