ABC Organics expanding market with Primordial Solutions LLC; Natural solutions boost plant yield, improve quality at lower cost

OXNARD, Calif., April 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Renowned plant growth supplement producer ABC Organics announces the launch of Primordial Solutions LLC to expand market share for its natural plant nutritional solutions that benefit retailers, home gardeners and cannabis growers.

Unlike fertilizers, Primordial Solutions’ environmentally-friendly products work synergistically with the billions of pre-existing microbes in the soil to enhance nutrient uptake, improve plant health and vigor, and support soil sustainability.

“We’ve formulated these highly concentrated, natural solutions to benefit both mankind and the earth,” said Joseph Johnson, CEO of ABC Organics. “Primordial Solutions’ natural plant nutrients support biological processes applied by Mother Nature for eons so our customers can grow more than they ever dreamed possible, in an earth-friendly way, while reducing costs.”

Lisa Agulia, co-founder of ABC Organics along with her husband, John, said her husband’s concern for people and the environment were the driving forces in the development of ABC Organics’ proprietary line of natural plant nutrients in the 1980s. That’s when the Agulias first began original applied research into natural solutions that reinforce the beneficial symbiosis between plant and soil to enhance production volume and quality while reducing environmental impact – and production costs.

After her husband passed away in 2006, Ms. Agulia was determined to carry on her husband’s work. Because Johnson had a similar background and desire to improve the quality of life on the planet, Ms. Agulia partnered with Johnson to continue and build on that body of knowledge today and in the future.

“We are leading a global movement to promote awareness of how stimulation of natural microbial processes enhance plant quality and yield – while sustaining soil health for future generations,” declared Ms. Agulia.


Primordial Solutions’ products Sea Green®, True Blooms®, Rootamentary®, and Paleo Bloom® provide the following benefits.


  • Increased volume and quality
  • Higher margins than fertilizer
  • Less cost, more profit
  • Results with milliliters, not gallons
  • Eliminate soil damage and restore the soil
  • Proven results
  • Ability to eliminate chemical fertilizer dependence, reducing costs
  • Earth friendly
  • A new movement emerging


  • Simplicity, easy to use
  • Concentrated solutions that go a long way
  • No need for expensive chemical fertilizers
  • Soil-safe plant nutrition
  • Increased volume and quality
  • Environmentally safe
  • Envy of the neighborhood


  • More margin with less shelf space
  • Less packaging, cheaper shipping
  • Highly concentrated; no costs for shipping water
  • Massive legal cannabis markets emerging
  • Demand intensifying in both cannabis and home gardening markets
  • A true earth movement emerging; the future of farming
  • Established supply chain
  • Dependable manufacturing
  • Consumer marketing campaign
  • Recognized experts
  • Proven products with a competitive advantage

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Source: ABC Organics