Report: Trump would oust Yellen

Donald Trump (l) and Janet Yellen (r)
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Donald Trump would be "inclined" to put someone other than chair Janet Yellen at the helm of the Federal Reserve, he told Fortune magazine.

While low interest rates are the "best thing we have going for us," the U.S. central bank isn't making all the best moves, the republican presidential front-runner told Fortune. While Yellen's performance is "serviceable," Trump said if elected, he would support proposals that give Congress power to audit the Fed.

Janet Yellen (L) and Donald Trump (R).
Trump slams Yellen

Trump's comments come as the presidential field narrows ahead of November elections, while the central bank mulls a potential interest rate hike by the end of the year. Trump has historically been critical of Yellen, accusing her of being beholden to President Barack Obama and calling her "highly political" at a November news conference.

Trump homed in on the billions of debt on the government's balance sheet, which may or may not be affected by modest hikes in the U.S. interest rates, according to Fortune. While low interest rates punish savers, Trump said, he favors the prospect of refinancing the national debt at lower rates.

For more on Trump's interest rate plan, see the full article at Fortune.com.

— CNBC's Kerima Greene contributed to this report.