Earningspalooza: 6 trades to make right now

Several companies reported disappointing earnings after the bell Thursday. The "Fast Money" traders debated the names they would buy or sell on the news.

Trader Brian Kelly said that Starbucks, which posted a miss on same-store sales, isn't exactly his favorite name, but he has a lot of respect for its CEO.

"I would never, ever, ever bet against Howard Schultz. The guy's amazing. Look at what he's done with the company," Kelly said.

"But what I would bet against in this space, based on this news, is Dunkin' Brands, because it seems to me if you can translate that weak economy to the other places, Dunkin' Brands hasn't executed," Kelly said.

Guy Adami also isn't convinced on Starbucks, though he said it's been a good stock to buy on dips.

"Yes, the comps are concerning, but again on every pullback, the stock's been a buying opportunity. My sense is that this one is as well," he said.

Another stock that did not perform well after hours Thursday was Visa, after the company amended the terms of its deal so that it would be required to pay, roughly, an additional $1.98 billion.

Adami noted Visa is trading at close to 26 times forward earnings, which makes it expensive enough that anything less than stellar reports "get the stock whacked."

While many of these stocks rallied ahead of earnings, Amazon is dipping before it reports April 28. Adami thinks it's time to take money off the table with the online retail giant. Trader Karen Finerman agreed and thinks that in general the FANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google), will also begin to show signs of weakness the way Google-owner Alphabet did on Thursday.


Guy Adami

Guy Adami is long CELG, EXAS, GDX, INTC, Guy Adami's wife, Linda Snow, works at Merck.

Karen Finerman

Karen is long BAC, C, FB, FL, GOOG, GOOGL, JPM, LYV, KORS, M, SEDG, SPY puts, URI. Her firm is long ANTM, AAPL, BAC, BOKF, C, C calls, FB, GOOG, GOOGL, JPM, JPM calls, KORS, LYV, M, MOH, NRF, PLCE, SPY puts, URI, her firm is short IWM, MDY. Karen Finerman is on the board of GrafTech International.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is long BBRY, Bitcoin, GLD, SLV, TLT, US Dollar, UUP; he is short Aussie Dollar, BLK, CS, DB, Euro, EWA, EWH, FRC, Hong Kong Dollar, UBS, Yuan, 5-Year Note Futures

Dan Nathan

Dan is long XLF may/ sept put spread. Dan is long AAPL April Put Fly, long PFE, long TWTR, long GE May 28 puts, long JPM April puts, long INTC April puts , long QCOM April put spreads, long HYG June puts, long IWM May and September puts, long XHB June put spread, long XLE April/June put spread. QCOM long May put spread. FXI Long Aug Puts, SMH Long Aug puts