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SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One of the most common reasons that people gain weight is emotional eating. Triggered by stress, emotional eating can cause a variety of unhealthy eating activities, such as binge eating, snacking excessively between meals, or even not eating at all. To help dieters get emotional eating under control, Diet Doc has released new medial weight loss plans which aim to target the triggers of emotional eating and create new, healthy alternative habits for patients.

The first, and most important action is uncovering what is triggering emotional eating. Diet Doc does this by providing each patient with a comprehensive doctor consultation.

Emotional eating does not cause one to become oblivious to the food choices they are making. What emotional eating does is make it extremely difficult for those suffering from it to resist the comforting effect that food provides. Thus, those dealing with emotional eating know that their food choices are poor, yet like other forms of addiction, are unable to resist the respite from stress that food provides. For the millions of Americans suffering from emotional eating, Diet Doc makes resisting food easier with their prescription weight loss aids, allowing dieters to resist food cravings and in turn lose weight more effectively.

The Diet Doc team is comprised of licensed professionals, including doctors, nurses and nutritionists who are all committed to helping clients uncover the hidden causes of weight gain, and accurately identifying and treating the triggers of emotional eating.

By combining a healthy, medical weight loss with potent prescription diet aids, thousands of Diet Doc patients have been able to successfully end the cycle of emotional eating.

Each Diet Doc weight loss plan considers each patient's age, gender, health history, and lifestyle and food preferences to create individualized diet plans for each patients. Later, the company's nutritionists will develop a personalized medical weight loss plan that works to counteract emotional eating by leaving the patient feeling full and satisfied, as well as reducing the triggers that cause patients to eat emotionally.

This personalized approach to weight loss not only helps patients reach their weight loss goals, combining medical supervision and doctor designed diet plans with powerful prescription diet aids, while simultaneously encouraging patients to stick with the diet long enough to see results and deter emotional eating triggers.

Begin losing weight today and end the dangerous cycle of emotional eating with Diet Doc's powerful medical weight loss.

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