Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic Promotes Services, Invites New Patients

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., April 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic, a veterinary clinic that caters exclusively to cats, recently renewed its efforts to raise awareness about its services. Unique among the majority of veterinary clinics in the region, the practice opened in 1993 and is helmed by Dr. Maire Mahanes, DVM. The owner of three cats herself, Dr. Mahanes is working with her team to educate local residents about the feline friendly services that they provide. "Many cat owners are reluctant to bring their cats to clinics where dogs may intimidate their cats," said Dr. Mahanes. "Our clinic is less noisy where felines can get the care that they need in peaceful surroundings."

Dr. Mahanes and her team refer to the practice as "The Quiet Alternative" for the very fact that it caters solely to cats. All too often, felines and canines don't interact well with one another in close quarters. Even when animals are properly segregated, dogs' loud barking can upset an already ill cat, making them anxious. "It's really not ideal," said Dr. Mahanes, who earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and completed veterinary training at Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. "We believe that cats deserve serene, peaceful surroundings for routine wellness checks, emergency care and all other veterinary services, and we're proud to provide it."

The clinic's focus on cats ensures an exceptional depth of knowledge regarding feline-related issues. "Cats suffer from many entirely different conditions than dogs," said Dr. Mahanes, "and the way in which they are treated and in which preventative care is administered differs a great deal too." Dr. Mahanes and her team have unparalleled experience with all feline-related conditions and concerns.

Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic provides a complete array of wellness support for felines – preventative, maintenance and emergency services. Preventative wellness exams include ophthalmic and Otic exams, dental checks, listening to the heart and lungs, palpating internal organs and any other techniques or lab tests necessary to detect potential issues early and ensure ongoing health and well-being. The clinic offers vaccinations that provide long-lasting protection against viral conditions like respiratory diseases, feline leukemia and rabies. Pain management techniques ranging from medication to surgery are available. Routine surgeries like neuters as well as emergency procedures are also offered. "Whether a cat requires a prescription diet, dental care or emergency care, we have them covered," said Dr. Mahanes.

Dr. Mahanes and the staff at Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic hope that their efforts to raise awareness about the clinic and the services that they provide attract more cat owners and their felines in the months to come. "We've been here for a long time, but many cat owners still don't know about us," said Dr. Mahanes. "We're hoping that these efforts change that."

Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic is located in Charlottesville and can be reached at (434) 975-2287. Further information can be found on their website at

Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic, (434) 975-2287

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